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Residents' Assembly

Auroville’s Path in the Light of Bharat

  • 4 min read
As Auroville grapples with the introduction of Central Government regulations, a call echoes for residents to delve into the legal framework—Auroville Foundation Act, 1988, and Rules, 1997. Challenges to regulations need a court, not local bodies. Knee-jerk dissent via emergency RAD lacks legal standing, risking residents' eligibility. Activism is cautioned;...

Fear with no Foundation: Recent RAD

  • 3 min read
In Auroville, where unity, diversity, and harmony are celebrated, recent events have raised questions about the limits of freedom of expression. The fear that motivated the Residents Assembly, RAD, to pass a resolution was indeed unusual, with only two similar instances in the community's history. However, both of these cases...
AWARE Auroville-Affairs-Organisation-Residents' Assembly-Featured-The Heart of Decision-Making, Residents' Assembly in Auroville

The Heart of Decision-Making: Residents’ Assembly in Auroville

  • 6 min read
At the heart of Auroville's unique approach to governance lies the Residents' Assembly, a dynamic body that shapes policies, fosters community dialogue, and embodies the spirit of participatory decision-making. In this article, we explore the significance of the Residents' Assembly in Auroville and how it plays a pivotal role in...
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