The Heart of Decision-Making: Residents’ Assembly in Auroville

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Auroville, the international township nestled in the idyllic landscapes of Tamil Nadu, India, is not just a place to live; it’s a living experiment in community living and governance. Central to Auroville’s unique approach to decision-making is the Residents’ Assembly, a dynamic body that embodies the spirit of participatory democracy and plays a pivotal role in shaping the policies and direction of the community. In this article, we delve into the significance of the Residents’ Assembly in Auroville and how it has become the heart of decision-making within the community.

The Residents’ Assembly: A Unique Forum for Decision-Making

The Residents’ Assembly in Auroville is not your typical town hall meeting or city council gathering. It is a dynamic and participatory forum where residents come together to discuss, deliberate, and make decisions that affect the community’s development and well-being. Unlike traditional governance structures, the Residents’ Assembly is not a body of elected representatives but a direct embodiment of participatory democracy.

Key Functions of the Residents’ Assembly

The Residents’ Assembly serves several key functions within Auroville’s governance structure:

1. Decision-Making: The Residents’ Assembly is the ultimate decision-making authority in Auroville. It is responsible for making decisions on matters that affect the community as a whole, ranging from land use policies and development projects to budget allocations and community initiatives.

2. Policy Shaping: The Residents’ Assembly plays a crucial role in shaping policies and guidelines that govern various aspects of community life, from sustainability and environmental conservation to education and culture.

3. Community Dialogue: The Assembly provides a platform for community dialogue and open discussions. It fosters a spirit of inclusivity and encourages all residents to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas.

4. Review and Evaluation: The Residents’ Assembly periodically reviews and evaluates the community’s progress and initiatives. It assesses the impact of various projects and policies to ensure that they align with Auroville’s ideals and principles.

5. Collaborative Decision-Making: Decisions within the Residents’ Assembly are made through a collaborative process that emphasizes consensus and collective agreement. This approach ensures that decisions reflect the diverse perspectives and voices of the community.

The Unique Structure of the Residents’ Assembly

Auroville’s Residents’ Assembly operates on a unique and dynamic structure that reflects the community’s commitment to participatory decision-making. The structure is characterized by:

1. Working Groups: Working groups, often associated with specific aspects of community life, are an essential part of the Residents’ Assembly structure. These groups bring together residents with shared interests and expertise in areas like land management, education, culture, and more. Working groups play a crucial role in shaping proposals and recommendations for the Assembly’s consideration.

2. Agenda Meetings: Agenda meetings are a key element of the Residents’ Assembly’s decision-making process. These meetings are held regularly, during which residents discuss and deliberate on various proposals and issues. Agenda meetings serve as a platform for residents to present their ideas, express concerns, and engage in open dialogue.

3. Decision-Making Meetings: Decision-making meetings are the forum where the Residents’ Assembly formally considers and decides on the proposals and recommendations brought forward during agenda meetings. These meetings follow a consensus-based decision-making process, emphasizing collective agreement.

4. The Moderators: The Residents’ Assembly is facilitated by a team of moderators who ensure that meetings are conducted in an organized and efficient manner. The moderators do not hold executive or decision-making authority but serve to facilitate discussions and maintain a respectful and inclusive atmosphere.

The Significance of the Residents’ Assembly in Auroville

The Residents’ Assembly holds immense significance within Auroville for several reasons:

1. Participatory Democracy: Auroville’s governance model is a living example of participatory democracy. The Residents’ Assembly ensures that every resident has a voice and an opportunity to actively participate in community decision-making.

2. Reflecting Auroville’s Values: The Assembly embodies the values and principles of Auroville. It ensures that decisions and policies align with the community’s ideals of sustainability, environmental conservation, holistic education, cultural diversity, and spiritual growth.

3. Empowering Residents: The Residents’ Assembly empowers residents to actively engage in community development and contribute to the shaping of Auroville’s future. It fosters a strong sense of ownership and responsibility among residents.

4. Inclusivity and Open Dialogue: The Assembly fosters inclusivity by providing a platform for residents to voice their opinions and concerns. It encourages open dialogue and respectful discussions, creating an environment where all perspectives are valued.

5. Dynamic and Adaptive: Auroville’s governance model is dynamic and adaptive. The Assembly allows the community to respond to evolving challenges and opportunities, ensuring that Auroville remains a vibrant and innovative experiment in community living.

Challenges and Achievements: A Living Model

The Residents’ Assembly in Auroville is not without its challenges. Balancing the diverse perspectives and needs of the community can be complex, and achieving consensus can be a demanding process. However, these challenges have not deterred Auroville’s commitment to the model. In fact, they have fueled a spirit of adaptability and innovation, ensuring that the Assembly remains a vibrant and dynamic forum for decision-making.

One of the achievements of the Residents’ Assembly is the strong sense of community engagement and empowerment it fosters. Residents actively participate in community development, and the Assembly encourages them to explore their unique talents and interests while contributing to the community in a meaningful way.

The Future of Decision-Making in Auroville

As Auroville continues to evolve and grow, the Residents’ Assembly will remain at the heart of the community’s decision-making process. The spirit of participatory democracy and the commitment to inclusivity will continue to guide Auroville’s future, ensuring that it remains a place where people from all walks of life can come together to create a harmonious, sustainable, and spiritually enriching community.

The Residents’ Assembly is a living testament to the ideals of Auroville, reflecting the community’s ongoing journey towards realizing the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and creating a space where humanity can unite beyond borders, cultures, and differences.


The Residents’ Assembly in Auroville is not just a decision-making forum; it is the heart of the community’s governance structure. It embodies the principles of participatory democracy, inclusivity, and a commitment to creating a better world. This unique approach to decision-making ensures that Auroville remains a living experiment in community living and an inspiration for those seeking to build harmonious and sustainable communities.

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