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Auroville & SDGs

Co-Creating a Sustainable Future

Auroville stands as a living embodiment of the principles and values that underpin the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its commitment to environmental sustainability, social inclusion, cultural diversity, and holistic well-being has been its guiding force for over five decades. With our dedication to conscious living and harmonious coexistence, Auroville aligns seamlessly with the global mission of the United Nations to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

AWARE's Pivotal Role in Auroville & SDGs

Auroville & SDGs is not merely a commitment but a vibrant manifestation of how a dedicated community actively shapes the global agenda. Rooted in unity, sustainability, and integral development, Auroville embodies a tangible reality—a living example of a harmonious, sustainable world. Dive into comprehensive data, exploring Auroville’s impactful contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. Uncover intricate details highlighting our commitment to global well-being.

Embark on a journey through real-life narratives showcasing Auroville’s active advancement of each SDG, illustrating the transformative power of collective efforts. Explore dynamic collaborations formed with organizations that share our visionary outlook, witnessing the synergy when shared values unite for a common goal.

Discover avenues for active participation in Auroville’s journey towards the SDGs, contributing to a sustainable, harmonious future. Stay updated on seminars, workshops, and activities focused on Auroville’s meaningful contributions to the SDGs, engaging with the community and being part of the dialogue shaping our collective path forward.

How Auroville is Advancing the SDGs

Auroville, as an intentional community, is a microcosm of the world’s potential. By following its unique philosophy and practices, it provides an inspiring model of how the SDGs can be realized in a local context. Here’s how Auroville contributes to the SDGs:


“Auroville & SDGs” prioritizes the well-being and inclusivity of individuals within the community. By empowering the local Auroville population, fostering equality, and ensuring no one is left behind, the initiative aligns seamlessly with the People-centric aspect of the SDG model.


IntegralWorld’s collaboration with Auroville seeks to promote economic growth and prosperity within the community. Through sustainable economic practices, skill development initiatives, and support for local businesses, “Auroville & SDGs” actively contributes to the Prosperity dimension of the SDG model.



Environmental sustainability is at the heart of “Auroville & SDGs.” By implementing eco-friendly practices, renewable energy sources, and initiatives focused on afforestation and waste reduction, the initiative significantly contributes to the Planet aspect of the SDG model.



Promoting harmony and peaceful coexistence is a fundamental element of both Auroville and the SDGs. “Auroville & SDGs” fosters a culture of dialogue, conflict resolution, and community engagement, reflecting the Peace dimension of the SDG model.



IntegralWorld’s collaboration with Auroville exemplifies the importance of partnerships. By forming alliances with local communities, businesses, and organizations, “Auroville & SDGs” embodies the Partnership aspect of the SDG model. This collaborative approach ensures a collective effort toward achieving sustainable development goals.

Initiatives for a Holistic Impact:

We provide a well-rounded and informative resource for anyone interested in Auroville’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. It will also highlight the community’s ongoing dedication to a sustainable and harmonious future.

Research and Documentation: Detailed SDG Breakdown

Conduct detailed research on Auroville units, categorizing them into the relevant 17 SDGs. Compile testimonials and gather information for impactful infographics and charts showcasing contributions to each goal. Establish a dedicated section on the website that breaks down each SDG, illustrating how Auroville contributes to achieving them. This provides a clear understanding of the community’s multifaceted impact. Develop an interactive platform or page showcasing specific quantitative and qualitative data, including statistics on energy consumption, water conservation, waste management, and educational programs. This adds credibility and transparency to Auroville’s contributions.

Case Studies: Real-Life Testimonials

Create an engaging section featuring detailed case studies or projects within Auroville, exemplifying the community’s active role in working towards specific SDGs. This provides tangible examples of impact in areas like renewable energy, water management, gender equality, education, and sustainable agriculture. Develop a section featuring stories and quotes from Auroville residents and stakeholders, offering a human perspective on the impact of these goals. Personal accounts provide authenticity and relatability to the initiative. This comprehensive approach, integrating research, awareness campaigns, partnerships, media engagement, capacity building, and dynamic online features, ensures a well-rounded and impactful initiative for Auroville’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Collaborative Efforts: Network and Partnerships

Provide detailed insights into Auroville’s partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, governmental bodies, and NGOs. Highlight joint projects, workshops, or initiatives that showcase cooperation in achieving global goals. Establish connections with NGOs/Foundations/Institutions globally to explore potential partnerships for the “Auroville & SDGs” initiative.

Capacity Building and Resources:

Conduct workshops to enhance community engagement and capacity building, fostering a deeper understanding of Auroville’s role in achieving SDGs. Allocate funds for the production of informative and educational materials (IEC) to effectively disseminate the message. Curate and organize links to educational resources, documents, and research that help visitors better understand the relationship between Auroville’s practices and the SDGs. This includes research papers, reports, and relevant publications. Engage volunteers and IntegralWorld’s team to create short films, memes, and shareable content for widespread dissemination. Plan and execute a fundraising initiative to support future endeavors.

Project and Events: Campaign and Design

Develop an independent project, similar to EndAIDS, ensuring sustained momentum and impact, with a clear focus on measurable outcomes. Organize a high-profile event for the launch of the comprehensive report, featuring speeches and presentations from Auroville units, captured in a compelling video format. Develop a comprehensive campaign encompassing interview videos and social media posts to raise awareness about Auroville’s contributions to the SDGs. Collaborate with NID/Design for visually engaging content.

In collaboration with Integral World

Integral World is an organization with a visionary outlook, striving for a world where the foundational principles of sustainable development, social justice, and environmental stewardship shape the landscape of global advancement. With a relentless sense of purpose, Integral World embarks on a mission to kindle inspiration, advocate for change, and put into action initiatives that confront the pressing challenges of our time.

Integrity is at the core of our existence, ensuring our actions align with our words. We stand for inclusivity, recognizing that progress is most meaningful when it touches every corner of society. Our approach is rooted in innovation, seeking novel solutions to age-old problems, and we are steadfast in our commitment to ethical practices and sustainable methods as the driving force for a brighter tomorrow.

Integral World is more than an organization; it’s a compass pointing towards a future where global challenges are met with comprehensive solutions and a collective spirit of positive change.

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