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A Tribute to The Mother's Vision

Mirranjali is a five-year initiative, marking the 50th anniversary of The Mother’s transcendence on the 17th of November. This heartfelt tribute will culminate on The Mother’s 150th Anniversary on 21st February 2028, spanning the years from 1878 to 2028. Mirranjali is not merely a remembrance; it is a commitment to manifest Auroville in alignment with The Mother’s vision over the next five years. This endeavor encompasses 12 essential objectives, including detailed development plans, land acquisition, transportation infrastructure, cultural recognition, and sustainable growth. Mirranjali follows a strategic approach, emphasizing dedicated task forces, support from working groups, and AWARE’s role in providing cover and support. It’s a journey of dedication and progress, a promise to manifest Auroville as envisioned by The Mother.

The Significance:

Mirranjali begins on the 50th anniversary of The Mother’s going beyond, a day to remember Her and the timeless impact She had on Auroville. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to the realization of Her dream for Auroville. The initiative spans from 1878 to 2028, celebrating 150 years of her profound influence on humanity.

The Essential Objectives:

This endeavor encompasses 12 essential objectives, including detailed development plans, land acquisition, transportation infrastructure, cultural recognition, and sustainable growth. 

DDP – Detailed Development Plans: Create comprehensive and detailed development plans for various aspects of Auroville, ensuring a clear roadmap for progress.

Land Acquisition and Protection: Acquire and protect land for Auroville’s expansion and sustainability, with a focus on environmental conservation.

12 Radials + IZ Loop + Ring Road: Develop and enhance transportation infrastructure within Auroville, including radial roads, the International Zone loop, and a ring road.

Service Nodes – Primary & Secondary: Establish primary and secondary service nodes to support the growing needs of Auroville’s residents and activities.

CIRHU – Center for Research in Human Unity: Strengthen the Center for Research in Human Unity to promote research and understanding in this critical area.

International Zone Continent Markings: Mark and establish distinct continental zones within the International Zone, including Asianea, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

IZ – UNESCO-Recognized ‘Heritage of Humanity’ Building: Develop a strategically significant building within the International Zone to gain UNESCO recognition, opening doors for global support and recognition.

Stadium: Build a stadium to foster sports and community events, creating a tangible asset for Auroville.

Town Hall Extended: Extend the Town Hall for administrative purposes, enhancing the infrastructure for effective governance.

4 Parks – Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, Maheshwari: Create four parks dedicated to the divine qualities represented by these goddesses.

11 Residential Zone Line of Forces: Develop residential zones with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable living.

6 Industrial Zone Line of Forces: Establish industrial zones with “Plug & Play” office buildings for various sectors, promoting economic growth.

Strategic Approach:

Mirranjali follows a strategic approach, with a dedicated and empowered task force for each objective. Working groups provide support and facilitate policy frameworks, reducing their over-reliance. AWARE takes on the role of providing cover fire and managing related issues, ensuring a smooth execution.

The Essential Objectives:

The project cycle, a structured approach to project management, guides the implementation of Mirranjali:


We are currently in the initiation phase, where objectives are defined and feasibility assessed. A project charter outlines the purpose and high-level plan.

Planning and Resource Mobilisation

Detailed planning follows, including the creation of a comprehensive project plan, resource allocation, scheduling, and risk management.


This phase involves the actual implementation of the project’s goals, with effective communication and coordination.

Continuity and Care

Ongoing assessment and corrective actions are taken to ensure the project stays on course and within scope.

Learning & Sharing

After all project tasks are completed, the project enters the closing phase, where deliverables are finalized, stakeholders approve, and the project is formally closed. Lessons learned are gathered for future projects.

Mirranjali as Future

Mirranjali can prove to be an occasion to come together and commit ourselves to The Mother’s vision and the 5year timeframe can act as a necessary pressure. An integrated approach can help us be strategic and purposeful. It is a uphill journey of dedication and progress, a promise to manifest Auroville as envisioned by The Mother.

In collaboration with Aurobindonian Community

Collaboration with the Aurobindonian Community represents a vital synergy of purpose and vision. Together, we are committed to realizing the profound ideals and principles set forth by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. This partnership is more than just a union of like-minded individuals; it is a shared journey towards spiritual evolution and the manifestation of a harmonious, enlightened world.

This collaboration is a testament to the power of collective aspiration and conscious effort. As we move forward, we continue to draw strength and inspiration from the teachings and practices of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, forging a brighter path for our shared future. Together, we walk towards a world imbued with love, harmony, and spiritual transformation.

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