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Bonjour Auroville

Where Auroville and Hearts Unite

Bonjour Auroville is more than just a greeting; it is the gateway to a world where the heart of Auroville embraces the broader community. This initiative by AWARE Auroville is designed to extend a warm welcome and create an essential bridge of understanding between Auroville and the world. Bonjour Auroville serves as a vibrant hub of exchange, providing insights into Auroville’s ethos, culture, and purpose, while fostering connections that transcend borders, languages, and backgrounds.

Through a variety of events, workshops, and resources, Bonjour Auroville invites everyone, from inquisitive aspirants to dedicated volunteers, curious visitors to the local Tamil community, mentors to enthusiastic youth, on a journey of awareness and understanding. It’s a place where the wisdom of Auroville is shared, celebrated, and cherished, ensuring that the town’s guiding principles resonate far and wide. As the sun rises over Auroville each day, Bonjour Auroville stands as a beacon of enlightenment, inviting all to explore and embrace the beautiful tapestry of Auroville’s unique and inclusive way of life.

Auroville Awareness Is Essential

  1. Awareness about Auroville is vital for various demographies, including AWARE Aspirants, Newcomers, Volunteers, Visitors, the Tamizh community, Mentors, and Youth. Understanding Auroville’s unique ethos and purpose is crucial for several reasons:

    1. Cultural Sensitivity and Integration: Auroville is a diverse and culturally rich international community. Being aware of its core values, like unity in diversity, helps individuals integrate seamlessly into Auroville’s vibrant social fabric.

    2. Alignment with Auroville’s Vision: To actively contribute to Auroville’s vision, individuals need to comprehend the town’s core principles and goals. This awareness fosters greater synergy in collaborative efforts.

    3. Promotion of Sustainable Practices: Auroville is a living experiment in sustainable living. Awareness of its eco-friendly and ethical practices equips individuals to adopt these principles not only in Auroville but also in their lives outside.

    4. Support in Navigating Auroville: Understanding the town’s layout, key locations, and services is essential for daily life in Auroville, whether you’re an aspirant, newcomer, volunteer, or visitor.

    5. Engagement with the Local Community: For the Tamizh community, integrating with the international population and understanding their way of life is facilitated through Auroville awareness.

How Bonjour Auroville Can Help:

Bonjour Auroville serves as an indispensable tool for nurturing awareness about Auroville. It empowers different groups as follows:

AWARE Aspirants: Bonjour Auroville guides aspirants in comprehending Auroville’s vision, guiding them towards a well-informed choice for a life dedicated to its ideals.

AWARE Newcomer Orientation: Newcomers receive essential insights about life in Auroville, making their transition into the community smoother and more fulfilling.

AWARE Volunteers’ Introduction: Volunteers understand how their contributions align with Auroville’s goals, ensuring their work has a meaningful impact.

AWARE Visitors’ Information: Visitors benefit from a richer Auroville experience as they explore its cultural, ecological, and social facets.

AWARE Tamizh!: For the Tamil-speaking community, Bonjour Auroville facilitates interaction and collaboration with the international community.

AWARE Mentors: Mentors are equipped with the knowledge to guide and support newcomers and volunteers more effectively.

AWARE Youth: Young individuals aspiring to become active contributors in Auroville find valuable resources and inspiration in Bonjour Auroville.

Actions Related to Bonjour Auroville:

  1. Interactive Workshops: Conduct regular workshops and seminars on Auroville’s history, philosophy, and practical aspects for all AWARE groups.

  2. Resource Guides: Develop comprehensive guides and resources, both digital and printed, to aid awareness among various groups.

  3. Online Platforms: Create online platforms for easy access to information, discussion, and learning about Auroville.

  4. Local Outreach: Organize cultural exchange programs and events that bridge the gap between different segments of the Auroville population.

  5. Orientation Tours: Offer guided tours of Auroville to provide newcomers and visitors with an immersive experience.

  6. Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs where experienced Aurovillians guide newcomers and volunteers, ensuring they assimilate smoothly into the community.

  7. Collaborative Initiatives: Encourage collaboration between AWARE and other Auroville units, thus fostering a holistic approach to Auroville awareness.

In sum, Bonjour Auroville is not just a greeting; it’s a warm welcome that opens the doors to a deeper understanding of Auroville, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious community for all.

In collaboration with RAS

RAS is responsible for announcing and organising the Residents’ Assembly meetings whenever they are called for, overseeing their facilitation, organising voting where necessary, keeping minutes & recording the RA’s decisions, and communicating them to AV residents & Foundation.


Residents Assembly Service (RAS)

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