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Contribute to the
AWAREness of Auroville,
about Auroville.

AWARE is created as a resident-run independent information portal to provide authentic unbiased information on Auroville – its ideas, ideals, and idealogy.

We consider communication as an essential arm of our actions, and thus, as a collective, we need to step up. Towards this, we appeal to you, Aurovilians, to write on subjects/matters close to your heart.

Please submit your written pieces to If you prefer to keep yourself anonymous, we will ensure total anonymity for you as a writer. Alternatively, if you want the Auroville team to write on a specific subject/matter, please provide us with facts and figures, and we shall develop a piece around your suggested topic. At the same time, please do not approach us with unsubstantiated information, rumours, hoaxes, etc. We shall not entertain gossip, hearsay, and scandal-based requests. 

Staying true to the Auroville’s spirit of belonging to ‘humanity as a whole’, the content created by AWARE is copyright free. We merely appeal/request you to acknowledge AWARE/Auroville while reproducing any content from this site. 

If you wish to contribute through finanical means please visit