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About AWARE Auroville

Supporting the realization of human unity is the guiding force behind all our actions.


Communicate with the outside world.

Communicate to learn and progress.

Communicate to bridge past, present and future realisations.

Communication as a conscious practice for Human Unity.

AWARE Auroville stands as a dynamic and conscious endeavor, guided by a commitment to nurturing the realization of human unity. Our core mission revolves around fostering an open dialogue, promoting mutual learning, and illuminating pathways that bridge the past, present, and future understandings of Auroville.

As an integral service unit within the Auroville community, AWARE sets its sights on the multifaceted aspects of Auroville. These encompass the spiritual, cultural, social, economic, organizational, and ecological dimensions, all converging to manifest the profound vision of Auroville.

What sets AWARE apart is its methodical and mindful approach to the art of communication. We view every action through the lens of purpose, inclusivity, and implication. Right from the inception of our projects, we engage in pertinent inquiries, gathering insights and envisioning innovative modes of conveying our message. AWARE embraces voluntary collaboration with Auroville’s diverse working bodies, seeking to engage as many residents as possible in our shared pursuit of continuous progress.

AWARE’s services are offered without any expectation of monetary remuneration. The essence of our work is rooted in our commitment to serve Auroville residents and, in the broader context, humanity as a whole.

Our guiding principles, encapsulated in the following six tenets, form the bedrock of our communications:


Guided by a larger vision, we serve Auroville's overarching purpose.


The pursuit of beauty and perfection underlies our efforts.


We foster proactive collaboration among communicators and sectors.


Bridging the gap between internal and external realms is our intuitive approach.


Insights and innovation infuse our context, resulting in clear communication.


Our unwavering commitment is reflected in consistent efforts and deliverables.

Auroville’s charter proclaims its belonging to all of humanity, making effective communication an essential stride in that direction. We are dedicated to serving the Divine Consciousness by facilitating communication both within and beyond the Auroville community. We envision Auroville as a realm of perpetual education and constant advancement, where effective communication serves as the infrastructure to connect various streams of development. As Auroville aspires to be a bridge, we consider communication as the steel and concrete that constructs this bridge, vital in conveying both material and spiritual research as well as lived experiences of true human unity.

AWARE’s primary objective is to assist Auroville in its quest for human unity. To achieve this, we recognize the importance of embracing multiple routes, pursued simultaneously and collaboratively. Guided by the Galaxy Plan, we delineate key areas, including the central peace zone, the cultural zone, social, economic, organizational, and international aspects, and the ecological zone, all interlinked and essential in our communication efforts.

Our distinctiveness lies in the conscious approach we bring to communicating within the community and with the world. We take pride in our ability to see the intention, inclusion, and implication of each endeavor, from initial inquiries to the ultimate innovation of communication modes. As a voluntary community service, we are committed to introspection, learning, sharing, and the continuous refinement of our methods.

The fulfillment of our holistic endeavor hinges on collaboration across the entire spectrum of Auroville’s interests, engaging as many residents as possible. We stand prepared to host and anchor diverse viewpoints to enrich our community. While addressing immediate concerns, we also endeavor to keep Auroville on course towards constant progress, incorporating proactive campaigns to that end. AWARE remains impartial, offering professional advice to the community based on experience and expertise. Our services are founded on a spirit of voluntary contribution, where residents provide their time, knowledge, or materials according to their interests and capabilities.

AWARE’s organizational structure reflects the fluid and adaptable nature of our service. We assemble and disband teams as per the requirements of specific projects, all in alignment with the spirit of Auroville. Three key roles define our organization: the Actioning Crew, composed of dedicated resident Aurovilians who oversee day-to-day affairs; the Advisory Council, comprising senior Aurovilians and respected external members who provide macro-level guidance; and the Anchoring Camp, which lends subject-matter-related insights to ensure a deeper understanding of our context and purpose.

AWARE Contributors

Auroville Residents

Authentic information of Auroville, by Aurovilians, for humanity as a whole.


Auroville residents are the core contributors to AWARE. Their direct experience and involvement in the community enable them to provide unique insights, perspectives, and updates on various events, projects, and developments within Auroville. They play a central role in creating and disseminating authentic information.

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