Fear with no Foundation: Recent RAD

The recent decision by the Residents Assembly, known as RAD, to pass a resolution against removal of names from RoR, based on the fear that the Foundation might make it business as usual if left unattended, has raised concerns and stirred discussions within the Auroville community. In this article, we will delve into the circumstances surrounding this decision and examine whether the fear at its core truly has any foundation.

Unprecedented Circumstances:

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that this situation of removal from RoR is extreme and an exception. It is being done, only because the two were asked to Leave India, by the GoI. To the best of our knowledge, only two have occurred, and both were driven by compelling reasons. These events were not a mere capricious whim; they were born out of significant concerns, but crucially, they were unrelated to activities within Auroville.

Instance One: OneDay’s Critique:

The first instance involves OneDay, who created a provocative video featuring children and openly criticized the Indian government for allegedly turning Auroville into a “spiritual Disneyland.” This was a bold move, no doubt, and it amounted to a direct attack on the government. However, it’s crucial to note that this critique was largely based on hearsay and echoed the sentiments of Mr. DailyNoNo, who is an Indian citizen now, and enjoys a longer rope.

Instance Two: TrueLove’s Confrontation:

The second instance revolves around TrueLove, who not only had an internationally renowned career but also intentionally disrupted a government-organized Y20 and SA150@Paris events. Additionally, TrueLove published a piece denouncing a government officer, labeling her a ‘TYRANT.’ These actions are far from arbitrary; they are based on substantial ill-adviced actions, with paper trail and file numbers denoting meticulous planning with malicious intent. 

The Aftermath:

In both cases, radicals within Auroville mobilized their extensive resources and influential contacts to challenge these decisions. However, their efforts proved futile. Even with significant connections, it was evident that when substantial mistakes are made, it becomes incredibly challenging to overcome the consequences.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Contributing to Auroville: Those living in Auroville with a visa should be cautious about publicly criticizing the Indian government. Personal opinions should be kept private, as the local government may not appreciate unsolicited commentary on their policies.
  2. The End of Western Supremacy: The era of Western dominance is over. Any deviation from established norms may result in consequences, and residents must be prepared for such scenarios.
  3. Respect and Responsibility: Insulting the Indian population, contributing to communal differences, undermining national interests, or tarnishing India’s image will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  4. Unnecessary Fear: There is no need for excessive fear. Expressing differing opinions regarding Auroville’s development is not the case in these two instances, and even in future does not warrant expulsion from the country.
  5. Unity and Love: Despite the challenges, Auroville’s community should strive for unity and love, embracing diversity and seeking understanding among its members.

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