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Various types of evergreen information, pertinent to Auroville. 


55 years of Treasure

The Auroville Archives was established in 1991, and is the repository of historical documents, photographs, videos, etc. pertaining to Auroville, in both analog and digital formats.

This website showcases material from the Archives collection, as well as activities and projects that the Archives are undertaking. There are posts about Auroville’s history, people, landscapes, and spaces. 

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Assets you may require to spread AWAREness!

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Various Documents related to Auroville Foundation

In September 1988, the Government of India protected Auroville by passing a unique Act of Parliament, the Auroville Foundation Act, 1988. This act provided, in the public interest, for the acquisition of all assets and undertakings relatable to Auroville without payment of compensation. These assets, which till then were managed by the Administrator under the Auroville Emergency Provisions Act, were temporarily transferred to the Government of India, with the aim of ultimately vesting them in a body corporate established for the purpose, the Auroville Foundation. The Auroville Foundation came into existence in January 1991. The assets were vested in the Foundation on April 1st, 1992.

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