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Youth Engagement Practice

Empowering Tomorrow

Auroville recognizes the profound potential of the youth in bringing about positive change in the world. The Youth Engagement Practice is rooted in the belief that young individuals possess the passion and creativity necessary to participate in the experiment for the Future. By connecting with Auroville’s values, the program aims to inspire and equip them to become torchbearers committed to human unity and spiritual progress. It’s an investment in nurturing a generation of willing servitors who can contribute to a more harmonious and conscious world.

Our Guiding Principles:

The program provides an interactive and immersive platform for young people from diverse backgrounds. Through workshops, seminars, hands-on projects, and real-world experiences, participants engage deeply with various aspects of Auroville’s unique way of life. They explore sustainability, ecological consciousness, cultural exchange, leadership development, and the profound philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It is an experiential learning journey that encourages holistic personal development.


The Youth Engagement Program in Auroville can encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at empowering and inspiring young individuals. These initiatives are designed to nurture personal growth, instill values of unity and sustainability, and prepare them for leadership roles. Here are some possible initiatives that can be undertaken under the Youth Engagement Program:

Engage in workshops tailored to equip young individuals with essential skills in communication, leadership, and teamwork. These sessions empower them to actively contribute to and embody Auroville’s ideals.

Youth Dialogues:

Facilitate meaningful platforms where the youth can engage in dialogues focused on human unity, sustainability, spirituality, and integral growth. These dialogues serve as spaces for thought-provoking discussions and collaborative exploration.

Empower young participants to become storytellers of Auroville’s vision through various media. From documentaries to blogs and social media campaigns, these initiatives enable the youth to convey Auroville’s essence to a global audience.

Auroville History and Philosophy Workshops:

Immerse young minds in educational programs that delve into the rich tapestry of Auroville’s history, philosophy, and its pivotal role in humanity’s evolution. These workshops foster a profound understanding of Auroville’s essence.

Create opportunities for young individuals to intern with AWARE Auroville, where they can learn the art of conscious communication. This hands-on experience enhances their ability to effectively communicate Auroville’s principles.

Youth Leadership Development:

Nurture leadership skills among the youth through mentorship and experiential learning. YEP! Auroville!! aims to cultivate a generation of leaders who embody and promote Auroville’s values.

Encourage active participation in community service projects, reinforcing the youth’s connection to Auroville’s vision. By engaging in meaningful service initiatives, they contribute to the community’s well-being and growth.

Participants in the Youth Engagement Practice can expect to:

  • Immerse themselves in the living laboratory that is Auroville, experiencing its experimental culture firsthand.
  • Delve into the diverse facets of sustainable living and ecological consciousness, gaining practical skills and insights into sustainable practices.
  • Engage in meaningful interactions with local and international peers through cultural exchanges, enriching their understanding of global perspectives.
  • Develop their leadership abilities and effective communication skills, essential for fostering change and inspiring others.
  • Actively contribute to Auroville’s community projects and initiatives, making a tangible impact.
  • Deepen their understanding of the profound vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and explore how this vision can be applied in the modern world.

The Youth Engagement Practice is an open invitation for young minds to participate in a transformative journey. It offers an opportunity to connect with Auroville’s mission, to ignite passion, to foster unity, and to be part of a global movement of positive change. By empowering tomorrow’s leaders, this program contributes to the ongoing evolution of humanity towards a brighter future.

In collaboration:

We as an organization dedicated to fostering awareness, collaboration, and positive change has united forces with several local entities within Auroville to propel a joint initiative forward. This collective partnership signifies a shared commitment to empowering the youth, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for meaningful impact. By teaming up with local organizations, the primary actions are poised to contribute significantly to initiatives aimed at promoting progress, fostering a continuous flow of wisdom, and cultivating the potential of future talents capable of driving intentional change. Together, these entities envision a collaborative effort that transcends individual strengths, creating a synergistic impact on the youth and the local community. Together, they envision a series of impactful community gatherings, awareness campaigns, workshops, and projects. These endeavors are crafted to align with the core values of inclusivity, learning, and proactive engagement with the youth. We extend an invitation to individuals and entities to join in this transformative journey towards a more connected, aware, and harmonious tomorrow. Together, this collective effort aims to weave a fabric of positive change that reverberates beyond local borders.

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