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The Great Reset of Auroville

Welcome back to the Original Vision

At the core of this reset lies a profound commitment to the Founder’s vision. Auroville’s compass is set firmly towards the city the Mother had dreamt of. In the face of doubts and challenges, the Auroville community embarks on a journey of conscious evolution. The Great Reset seeks to reinvent Auroville on multiple fronts.

The Great Reset challenges Auroville to question its purpose, rethink education, and transform its economic model. Visitors, volunteers, and the global representation of Auroville are all on the path to reinvention. The journey towards simplicity, comprehensive urban planning, responsible fundraising, and harmonious coexistence with neighboring villages is set in motion. The focus shifts towards breaking free from conditioned mindsets, fostering unity and peace, and implementing sustainable agriculture practices.

As Auroville sets sail on this transformative journey, the community confronts the challenge of breaking free from its entrenched past. The path forward may be tumultuous, but the Great Reset is a call to awaken Auroville from a long slumber and redefine its path with audacity and innovation.

“The Great Reset of Auroville” invites you to witness and be part of a renaissance—an opportunity to reset, renew, and realize the potential of Auroville.

Discovering a New Path

Auroville is in the midst of a profound metamorphosis, and we are asking ourselves the crucial question: What is it that needs to change? Is it simply a change of leadership? Is it one group gaining an advantage over another? Is it about the smaller forces prevailing over the larger ones? These are the questions we’re contemplating, and we invite you to join us in this contemplation.

A Journey Beyond Self

Our motivations are not self-serving; otherwise, we would have chosen a more conventional path. We are not pursuing official roles or titles, as we find these designations futile in Auroville. Instead, we are supporting and assisting various working groups without formal affiliation, believing that every Aurovilian should have the opportunity to contribute based on their willingness and capacity. Our intention is to foster a sense of shared responsibility and a collaborative spirit in Auroville.

Aligning with the Founder's Vision

If you believe in Auroville’s purpose as envisioned by its founder, then you’re on the right track. Auroville’s vision is our guiding star, and we are committed to upholding it, come what may. We invite you to engage in constructive debates, present alternative perspectives, or join us as we relentlessly pursue the city that aligns with the Mother’s dream.

Strong Reasons for Conviction

Our commitment to reset Auroville is rooted in several compelling reasons:

Social Evolution: Auroville’s current structure, characterized by individual interests and selfish motives, is inadequate. We need to evolve consciously and create a community that is genuinely fulfilling.

Technological Innovation: Auroville must harness technology to cater to the holistic needs of its residents. Our current applications, designed for commercial purposes, are insufficient for Auroville’s unique vision.

Economic Transformation: Auroville’s economic model needs a radical overhaul. Our current trajectory won’t lead us to our summit; we must be prepared for an unconventional path toward prosperity and abundance.

Political Awareness: Auroville is not immune to the influence of political dynamics. We must recognize and address the politics within our community, driven by various factors, to ensure a harmonious and cooperative future.

Environmental Responsibility: We need to move beyond superficial efforts and apply imaginative, innovative, and sustainable thinking to address environmental challenges.

Legal Clarity: The complexities of Auroville’s relationship with the Indian government require careful consideration and decisive action.

Ethical Integrity: Auroville has an ethical obligation to its donors, residents, and the Mother’s vision. We must uphold the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors.

The Need for a Great Reset

In Auroville, we need a comprehensive reset in various facets of our community, including:

  • Realigning our purpose
  • Rethinking education
  • Transforming our economic model
  • Engaging with visitors and volunteers
  • Representing Auroville to the world
  • Embracing simplicity
  • Planning the city with a fresh approach
  • Raising funds responsibly
  • Strengthening our relationships with nearby villages
  • Breaking free from conditioned mindsets
  • Fostering peace and unity
  • Reimagining farming and sustainability
  • Leading in environmental consciousness

A Bold Vision

With a collective commitment to reset and reinvigorate Auroville, we hope to realize the city’s potential in the coming years. This journey may disrupt the status quo, but it’s essential to awaken Auroville from a decades-long slumber. We need to act boldly and break free from the constraints of the past to create a thriving and harmonious community.

Are you ready to be a part of the Auroville Renaissance?

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