Admission and Termination (of Persons in the RoR) Regulations

The Auroville Foundation has issued new regulations for the admission and termination of individuals in the Register of Residents. These guidelines include procedures for volunteers, newcomers, and residents, as well as the formation of committees for scrutiny and appeals. The regulations emphasize adherence to the Auroville Charter and specific admission criteria.

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The Urn

The Urn at the Amphitheater was a central feature of Auroville’s inauguration ceremony. Into it was poured soil from most of the countries of the world, as well as each state of India. It still stands today at the center of the Amphitheater.

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Detailed Description of the Galaxy Plan

Auroville is a unique town. It will receive people who, from different parts of the world, will come with the determination to live together in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual understanding. Traditional social and human relations will have no place there. Competition and struggle will give place to emulation, collaboration and brotherhood.

This shows how inadequate are the standard techniques and the vocabulary of Town planning. But this inadequacy should not exempt us from carrying out a research on the leading principles of organisation and working of the urban space. The philosophical and humanitarian purpose, as well as the will to fit the architecture to the framework of life is confronted with demographic, economic, technical and financial exigencies of all such endeavours.

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