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AWARE Aspiration Journeys​

AWARE Welcomes You!

Auroville isn’t just a town; it’s a living experiment in Human Unity, inspired by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Its distinctiveness sets it apart from other eco-villages and alternative communities worldwide. Auroville thrives on the energy, passion, and dedication of volunteers and newcomers who resonate with its profound aims and ideals.

Newcomers and volunteers play a vital role in Auroville’s evolution. They bring fresh perspectives, skills, and enthusiasm to contribute to the progress and purpose of this unique community. By opening its doors to these individuals, Auroville extends an invitation not only to observe but also to actively engage and make a meaningful contribution.

Aspiration as a Bridge: Fostering Seamless Integration into Auroville

AWARE recognizes the intricate process of entering Auroville, involving oversight from the Entry Service for Newcomers and SAVI for volunteers. Notably, there’s a need for comprehensive volunteer orientation and handholding of newcomers. Post-entry, the Auroville Foundation Secretariat manages the Registrar of Residents, but lack of process harmonization poses challenges for aspirants. To address this, AWARE introduces the “Aspiration Journeys” program, aiming to streamline integration. The initiative includes enhancing newcomer and volunteer orientation through collaboration with WC, SAVI, Savitri Bhavan, etc., harmonizing entry processes, establishing supportive networks, and facilitating transparent registration procedures. By focusing on these aspects, AWARE envisions a smoother journey for Newcomers and Volunteers, aligning with Auroville’s principles and fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging in the new adopted home.

In pursuit of Auroville’s vision for human unity, “Aspiration Journeys” seeks to create a more accessible and supportive pathway, ensuring that individuals entering Auroville experience a seamless transition, enriched with understanding, mentorship, and community engagement.

AWARE Initiatives related to the Aspiration Journeys:

AWARE recognizes the transformative power of the Aspiration Program in Auroville, designed to weave the dreams and energies of newcomers and volunteers into our unique community. We have crafted a holistic approach, ensuring that each individual’s journey aligns with Auroville’s vision.

AWARE takes pride in organizing comprehensive orientation workshops designed to warmly welcome newcomers and volunteers to Auroville and inform them of the raison d’etre of Auroville. These workshops delve into the core philosophy and principles that define Auroville, offering valuable insights into its past, present, and the future. Participants are introduced to the ideals and works of our Masters – Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They also gain a deep understanding of the integral role each individual plays in shaping the future of Auroville.

1st Sat every month, 3 to 5 pm.

2. Integration Sessions

To facilitate a smooth and supportive transition into Auroville life, AWARE orchestrates Integration Sessions. Seasoned Aurovillians step into the role of mentors, providing personalized guidance, sharing their own experiences, and aiding newcomers in integrating seamlessly into the community. Through mentorship, individuals cultivate a strong sense of belonging and connection, ensuring they feel supported as they navigate their roles within Auroville.

2nd Sat every month, 3 to 5 pm.

AWARE actively hosts community showcases and interactive events, providing a platform for newcomers and volunteers to present their aspirations, skills, and proposed contributions. These gatherings foster meaningful interactions, allowing new individuals to connect with wider existing community members, working groups, and initiatives that align with their unique aspirations. 

3rd Sat every month, 3 to 5 pm.

4. Exposure Visits

As part of our commitment to enriching the Auroville experience, AWARE organizes exposure visits to various zones, working groups, units. These visits offer participants a firsthand look at the diverse facets of Auroville life, encouraging a deeper understanding of the Auroville’s functioning. This will also expose them to varied possibilities of contributions and work opportunities.

4th Sat every month, 3 to 5 pm.

AWARE introduces regular Aspiration circles, creating spaces for newcomers and volunteers to continuously learn from each other and share experiences among the aspiring community. These circles cover a range of topics, including work opportunities, housing, and collective service, childcare, raison d’etre of Auroville, etc., fostering a culture of lifelong learning among aspiring Aurovilians.

Alternate Saturdays, 5 to 7 pm.

The Aspiration Journeys in Auroville, championed by AWARE, is dedicated to providing an extensive array of support, tailored to bring and aid Auroville Aspirants with diverse interests, skills, and temperaments to build our ~50,000-strong community. Whether your passion lies in culture, ecology, society, economy, education, or contributing to the self-organizing ethos of Auroville, rest assured, there is a meaningful place for you here.

We channel our efforts into exploring various themes and topics within Auroville, meticulously researching and documenting them across diverse media formats. Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of Auroville, aiming to enhance awareness and understanding. We actively strive to connect with new interns, volunteers, and newcomers, offering dedicated assistance to fuel their aspirations and seamlessly integrate them into the vibrant fabric of Auroville.

At AWARE, our commitment is to contribute to the flourishing ideals of Auroville by fostering a sense of belonging and purpose for each individual. Through our Aspiration Journeys, we invite every new member of our community to discover their unique path and actively participate in shaping the collective destiny of Auroville.

In collaboration:

AWARE introduces this transformative initiative as a collective effort to serve as a gateway for students and professionals eager to engage with and contribute to the community’s diverse tapestry. AWARE, in partnership with these stakeholders, enriches the experience, aligning it with core values. Together, this collaboration brings a holistic approach to volunteering, integrating both academic and informal projects. This collaborative service not only facilitates project placements but also provides comprehensive support to participants before and during their engagement. Explore the myriad opportunities available. Join us in opening doors to enriching experiences and meaningful contributions.

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