Auroville’s Path in the Light of Bharat

As Auroville grapples with the introduction of Central Government regulations, a call echoes for residents to delve into the legal framework—Auroville Foundation Act, 1988, and Rules, 1997. Challenges to regulations need a court, not local bodies. Knee-jerk dissent via emergency RAD lacks legal standing, risking residents’ eligibility. Activism is cautioned; unity, study of laws, and legal counsel are urged for informed, responsible action in harmony with India’s evolving global role.

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Embracing Reality

Amidst recent tree felling along Auroville’s Crown Road, the concerns offer an opportunity for unity and positive vision. While acknowledging the loss, the focus on minimal tree removal for the Master Plan aligns with Auroville’s commitment to conscious living, resilience, and sustainable urban planning.

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Fear with no Foundation: Recent RAD

In Auroville, where unity, diversity, and harmony are celebrated, recent events have raised questions about the limits of freedom of expression. The fear that motivated the Residents Assembly, RAD, to pass a resolution was indeed unusual, with only two similar instances in the community’s history. However, both of these cases involved actions taken outside of Auroville, and they were far from arbitrary acts.

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Resource Mobilization for a Sustainable Auroville: Challenges and Solutions

AWARE Auroville-Affairs-Economy-Resource Mobilisation-Featured-Resource Mobilization for a Sustainable Auroville,Challenges and Solutions

Auroville, the international township nestled in Tamil Nadu, faces unique challenges in resource mobilization for its sustainable development. In this article, we explore the hurdles and innovative solutions that drive the community’s efforts to secure the resources needed for its vision of conscious living.

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Economy for All: Auroville’s Approach to Inclusive Prosperity

AWARE Auroville-Affairs-Economy-Pour Tous-Featured-Economy for All, Auroville's Approach to Inclusive Prosperity

Auroville, the international township nestled in Tamil Nadu, is not just a sanctuary for conscious living; it’s also a shining example of an inclusive economic model. In this article, we delve into Auroville’s unique approach to economic sustainability through “Pour Tous,” which emphasizes inclusive prosperity and resource mobilization.

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