Economy for All: Auroville’s Approach to Inclusive Prosperity

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Auroville, the serene international township nestled in Tamil Nadu, India, is renowned for its commitment to conscious living and sustainable development. Yet, Auroville’s dedication extends beyond environmental stewardship and encompasses a unique economic model that prioritizes inclusive prosperity. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore Auroville’s distinct approach to economic sustainability through “Pour Tous,” a model that underscores inclusivity and resource mobilization.

The Essence of Auroville’s Economic Model “Pour Tous”

Auroville’s economic model, “Pour Tous,” is deeply rooted in the community’s philosophy of collective living and resource sharing. The model aims to ensure that every individual within Auroville has access to the resources and opportunities needed to lead a fulfilling life. Here are the core principles that guide Auroville’s economic model:

1. Inclusivity: “Pour Tous” translates to “For All” in French, and that’s precisely what this model represents. It seeks to create an inclusive economic system where every Aurovilian, regardless of their background or abilities, can participate and benefit.

2. Resource Mobilization: Auroville’s economic model emphasizes the responsible and sustainable use of resources, ensuring that they are allocated for the collective well-being of the community.

3. Local Self-Reliance: “Pour Tous” promotes local self-reliance, encouraging Aurovilians to meet their needs through local resources, skills, and labor.

4. Sustainability: The model emphasizes environmentally sustainable practices in economic activities, minimizing the impact on the environment and ensuring that resources are available for future generations.

5. Decentralization: Economic activities in Auroville are often organized in a decentralized manner, encouraging self-governance and local decision-making.

Auroville’s Economic Journey through “Pour Tous”

Auroville’s economic model has evolved over the years, reflecting the community’s values and priorities. The journey through “Pour Tous” is marked by collective effort, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to inclusive prosperity.

1. Resource Mobilization: Auroville places great emphasis on responsible resource mobilization. This includes the sustainable use of local materials, renewable energy sources, and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

2. Craftsmanship and Artisanry: The community promotes craftsmanship and artisanry, creating opportunities for individuals with various skills to contribute to economic activities.

3. Sustainable Agriculture: Auroville’s emphasis on sustainable agriculture not only provides food for the community but also creates livelihood opportunities in farming and agro-processing.

4. Local Enterprises: Local enterprises, both small and large, have thrived in Auroville, contributing to economic diversity and employment opportunities.

5. Community Services: Services such as healthcare, education, and environmental initiatives are essential components of Auroville’s economic model. These services ensure the well-being of Aurovilians and provide employment opportunities.

Impact on Inclusive Prosperity

Auroville’s economic model, “Pour Tous,” has a profound impact on the community’s prosperity, fostering a sense of inclusivity and resource sustainability:

1. Livelihood Opportunities: “Pour Tous” creates a multitude of livelihood opportunities for Aurovilians, enabling them to engage in activities that align with their skills and interests.

2. Economic Diversification: The model encourages economic diversification through a wide range of activities, from farming and handicrafts to education and sustainable development projects.

3. Resource Conservation: Auroville’s emphasis on resource mobilization and sustainability ensures that resources are conserved and used efficiently for the well-being of the community.

4. Local Self-Reliance: Aurovilians are empowered to meet their needs through local resources and skills, reducing dependency on external sources.

5. Community Welfare: “Pour Tous” includes community services that provide essential support to Aurovilians, fostering a sense of well-being and security within the community.

Global Outreach: Sharing the Economic Wisdom

Auroville’s economic model has not only transformed the community but has also extended its influence globally. The community actively shares its economic wisdom and practices with the world, contributing to international efforts for sustainable and inclusive economic development.

1. Learning Exchanges: Auroville welcomes visitors, students, and professionals from around the world who come to learn about its economic model. These exchanges promote cross-cultural learning and provide a platform for sharing knowledge.

2. International Collaborations: Auroville collaborates with organizations and institutions that share its values and principles of inclusive prosperity and resource mobilization.

3. Global Economic Forums: Auroville actively participates in international economic forums, sharing its experiences and insights with a broader audience. These engagements are a testament to Auroville’s commitment to global economic consciousness.

Challenges and Achievements

Auroville’s economic model is not without its challenges. Economic sustainability, resource scarcity, and the need for continuous innovation are some of the ongoing concerns. However, the achievements of “Pour Tous” are evident in the sense of inclusivity, resource sustainability, and the economic diversity it has brought to the community.

The Future of Economic Sustainability in Auroville

As Auroville continues to evolve and grow, its commitment to economic sustainability through “Pour Tous” will remain unwavering. The community will continue to innovate, adapt, and educate, sharing its wisdom and practices with the world.

Auroville’s journey in promoting inclusive prosperity and responsible resource mobilization through “Pour Tous” is a testament to the belief that a sustainable and inclusive economic model is not just an aspiration but a reality. These practices remind us that economic well-being can coexist with ecological responsibility and inclusivity, fostering a better future for all.


Auroville is more than an international township; it is a living example of an economic model that places inclusivity and sustainability at its core. The community’s commitment to economic sustainability through “Pour Tous” is a reflection of its broader values of collective living and resource-sharing.

Auroville’s economic model inspires us to recognize that inclusive prosperity and resource sustainability are not just ideals but achievable goals. These practices emphasize the profound connection between a community and its economic well-being, reminding us of the importance of economic models that prioritize the welfare of all members.

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