Mandate of the Working Committee 2004

The following was approved by RA Meeting of December 20, 2004:

The mandate of the Working Committee is to assist the Residents’ Assembly in discharging its functions under the Auroville Foundation Act as follows:

  1. Represent the Residents’ Assembly in interactions with Governing Board, International Advisory Council and the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation (in collaboration with relevant working groups).
  2. Call meetings of the Residents Assembly whenever a decision or policy needs to be ratified by a meeting of the Residents’ Assembly and maintain minutes and resolutions of such meetings.
  3. Submit regular activity reports to the Residents Assembly
  4. Maintain public relations with state and central Government at all levels
  5. Oversee VIP reception
  6. Recommend Visas, in collaboration with Residents’ Service
  7. Recommend Land purchases, in collaboration with LEM
  8. Coordinate relations between Auroville and local villages, in collaboration with all panchayats and village leaders and relevant working groups
  9. Recommend appointment of executives & trustees, in collaboration with FAMC
  10. Recommend constitution of new units and trusts, in collaboration with FAMC
  11. Finalizing of accounts and signing of Balance Sheets of AVF, in collaboration with Accounts Coordination Group and FAMC
  12. Supervise Income Tax Exemptions for Auroville in collaboration with FAMC
  13. Facilitate Police Liaison, in collaboration with STF
  14. Finalize Annual Reports, in collaboration with all Working Groups
  15. Prepare meetings of the Governing Board and International Advisory Council, in collaboration with Residents Assembly
  16. Notify the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation of major decisions and policies of the Residents’ Assembly

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