Mandate of the Auroville Council 2004

The following was approved by RA Meeting of December 2004:

The mandate of the Auroville Council is to assist the members of the Residents Assembly in organizing their activities as follows:

To maintain and harmonize the various mandates of the working groups of Auroville and to see that the working groups function according to their mandates.

  1. To harmonize the interaction among the working groups and the activities of the Residents of Auroville
  2. To coordinate a short term plan and budget, in collaboration with the APDC , SAIIER, ABC and the FAMC, and other working groups to be presented to the Residents’ Assembly for yearly ratification.
  3. Encourage the generation of programs and policies for the realisation of these objectives.
  4. Oversee the observance of policies and decisions approved by the RA in collaboration with the Working Committee and address non-compliance with established Auroville policies.
  5. Deal with emerging issues that fall outside the purview of other working groups.
  6. Establish and oversee review and arbitration bodies when required.
  7. Report regularly to the Residents’ Assembly on its activities.
  8. Ensure that the principles of natural justice are observed in Auroville such as providing relief from arbitrariness in decision-making.
  9. Convene regular General Meetings

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