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Residents' Assembly

Time for invitation

  • 2 min read
Surely most of us have noticed the action of the new consciousness that is emerging, how it is getting more and more accelerated, and how some great changes are becoming not only necessary but unavoidable: changes on Societies, changes on the way we see spirituality, changes on the Environment, changes...

Why Zero Tolerance for Corruption is Essential for Upholding Auroville’s Vision

  • 3 min read
Auroville is a unique and diverse community that is committed to creating a society based on the principles of human unity, spiritual growth, and sustainable living. As an intentional community, Auroville has always been committed to creating a space free from the traditional constraints of nationality, politics, religion, and economics....

Taking Responsibility in Auroville: Uncroaching Positions and Rights

  • 2 min read
Auroville is a unique community that emphasizes collective decision-making, shared resources, and mutual respect for each other's rights. However, the community has faced challenges in recent years as some individuals have encroached upon Auroville's assets, including positions and rights that were intended to be shared. This has led to a...

Critique of Auroville’s Citizens’ Assembly

  • 7 min read
In my humble opinion, Auroville is not a democracy project, and it does not have 'Citizens'. Somehow, I think, democracies are about dumbing it down, flattening it out. Look at our political leaders. Auroville is a dream of elevation, evolution, and embodiment. I do feel the need in Auroville for Extraordinary...

Absurdities in Auroville RADs

  • 11 min read
I'm no expert on political democracies, electoral methodologies, or psephology. I am merely pointing out as a layman, the glaring gaps in the ongoing RAD. I understand that we need some systems to organise ourselves, and the voting system is a stepping stone. I am only trying to point out...
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