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Collective Life

On Authority

  • 4 min read
Most of us in Auroville have a distrust of authority. Coming here was partly to escape the world of authority, politics etc. And so when confronted with a form of, or a projection of, authority, many rebelled against it, by default as it were: it was an emotional compulsive decision....

Line of Goodwill

  • 23 min read
The Gateway/Habitat/Matrimandir/Visitor Access Background Auroville, the ‘City the Earth Needs,’ is a universal township in the making, based on the evolutionaryvision of the Indian seer, Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner, Mirra Alfassa, known as the Mother.The goal of Auroville is to realize Human Unity. Through research and discoveries Auroville...

Cultural Decolonisation in Auroville: Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

  • 2 min read
Auroville is an international community in southern India, founded in 1968 with the goal of promoting human unity and cultural diversity. The community has been working towards cultural decolonisation, which involves the process of unlearning and dismantling the effects of colonialism on individuals and communities. The aim of cultural decolonisation...

Overcoming Insecurities: Understanding the Root Causes of Fear in Auroville

  • 3 min read
In Auroville, fear has unfortunately become a prevalent emotion among many residents. It has seeped into our collective consciousness, causing insecurity and doubt about the future. It is essential to understand the root causes of fear in Auroville to overcome it and move towards a positive future.
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