Organizational Structure of Auroville: Building Galaxy City

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Auroville, the experimental international township located in Tamil Nadu, India, is renowned for its unconventional approach to living, community building, and organization. At the heart of Auroville’s unique organizational structure is a concept known as “Galaxy City.” In this article, we explore the intricate design of Auroville’s organizational model and shed light on the concept of Galaxy City, which forms the backbone of this extraordinary community.

The Vision of Auroville: A Unique Endeavor

Before we delve into the organizational structure of Auroville, it’s essential to understand the vision that gave birth to this experimental township. Auroville’s establishment was inspired by the teachings and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The community aspired to create a space where humanity could unite beyond borders, cultures, and differences, working towards human unity and the realization of human potential.

The Mother, in particular, envisioned Auroville as a place where people from all corners of the world could come together to live in harmony, engaged in constant progress, and striving towards self-realization. This vision laid the foundation for Auroville’s organizational structure.

The Organizational Challenge: A Global Township

Auroville’s uniqueness lies in its diverse and multicultural composition. It is a global township with residents representing numerous nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. This diversity posed a unique organizational challenge. The need for an innovative and inclusive structure to ensure that all voices were heard and all cultures were respected was evident.

In response to this challenge, Auroville developed the concept of Galaxy City, an organizational model that is designed to accommodate this remarkable diversity and foster unity, collaboration, and individual growth.

Galaxy City: Auroville’s Organizational Structure

Galaxy City is not a physical city but a conceptual framework that defines Auroville’s organizational structure. It is a model designed to encompass all aspects of community life, governance, and decision-making. Galaxy City is a symbolic representation of Auroville’s commitment to the realization of a united and harmonious world.

1. The Galactic Center: The Collective Soul

At the heart of Galaxy City is the Galactic Center, which represents the collective soul of Auroville. This center embodies the shared aspiration, vision, and goals of the community. It is where the essence of Auroville’s purpose resides.

The Galactic Center is not a physical location but a spiritual and philosophical concept. It serves as a guiding force for the entire community, reminding Aurovilians of their shared commitment to the township’s ideals.

2. The Rings: Functional Zones

Galaxy City is structured into concentric rings, each serving a distinct function and purpose within Auroville’s organizational framework. These rings represent a hierarchical organization that encompasses various aspects of community life.

a. Innermost Ring: The Residents

The innermost ring is occupied by Auroville’s residents, who are at the core of the community. They live within the township and contribute actively to its development, cultural richness, and well-being.

b. Intermediate Ring: Service Units

The intermediate ring includes service units, which are responsible for specific functions such as education, healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. These units provide essential services to Auroville’s residents and contribute to the community’s self-sufficiency.

c. Outer Ring: The Fringe

The outermost ring, referred to as the fringe, encompasses the guest houses, visitors, and those who have a more peripheral connection to Auroville. The fringe is the gateway for people from around the world to experience Auroville’s unique way of life and ideals.

3. The Eight Petals: The Working Groups

Auroville’s working groups are the functional arms of Galaxy City, responsible for various aspects of community development. These working groups, symbolically represented as eight petals, are responsible for diverse areas such as planning, education, culture, land management, and communications.

Each working group is composed of individuals who share expertise and interests in their respective areas. They work together to address specific challenges, develop strategies, and ensure the successful operation of Auroville’s various facets.

4. The Spokes: The Residents’ Assembly

Auroville’s organizational structure is designed to be collaborative and participatory. The spokes represent the Residents’ Assembly, a key decision-making body where residents come together to discuss and make decisions on matters that affect the community.

The Residents’ Assembly ensures that Auroville’s organizational structure remains democratic and inclusive. It provides a platform for all residents to voice their opinions, raise concerns, and actively participate in the township’s development.

5. The Third Dimension: Spiritual Evolution

Auroville’s organizational structure goes beyond the physical and functional aspects. The concept of the third dimension represents the spiritual evolution that is at the core of Auroville’s existence. The community recognizes that true transformation and unity can only be achieved by addressing the spiritual dimension of human life.

Spiritual growth and self-realization are integral to Auroville’s organizational model. The community encourages individuals to explore their inner selves, practice self-awareness, and deepen their connection to the divine within.

Challenges and Achievements: A Balanced Model

Auroville’s organizational structure, represented by Galaxy City, has faced numerous challenges over the years. Balancing the diverse needs, cultures, and backgrounds of its residents has been an ongoing endeavor. However, this model has also achieved significant milestones in fostering a strong sense of community, self-sufficiency, and environmental sustainability.

The township’s commitment to inclusivity and participatory decision-making has allowed it to navigate challenges and adapt to evolving needs. Galaxy City’s concentric ring structure ensures that every aspect of community life is addressed, from individual well-being to sustainable development.

Impact on Community Life

Auroville’s organizational structure, embodied by Galaxy City, has a profound impact on community life. It ensures that every resident has a voice and a role to play in the development and well-being of the township.

The concept of Galaxy City fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among Aurovilians. It reminds residents that they are part of a collective journey towards self-realization and the realization of human potential. It also encourages individuals to explore their unique talents and interests and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.


Auroville’s organizational structure, as symbolized by Galaxy City, is a testament to the community’s commitment to human unity, holistic development, and self-realization. This innovative and inclusive model ensures that Auroville remains a place where people from all walks of life can come together to live, work, and collaborate in harmony.

Galaxy City is not just an organizational structure; it is a reflection of Auroville’s ethos and ideals. It represents the township’s ongoing commitment to self-growth, unity, and the realization of human potential, making Auroville a truly unique and inspiring experiment in community living.

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