Let us work for the manifestation of the city of Dawn our Auroville City

By Lavkamad

Dear friends,

I am very much worried about the petition to the RA to stop all work on the crown road thus to block the development of Auroville for coming years. 

If this petition is passed by the RA than any development in Auroville will be blocked for years, since to revoke the stop, we would need another RA with an unknown outcome!

This can’t be a solution, and this is not in line with the dream of the mother and the Charter of Auroville. This would lead to another escalation between the AVF and few Aurovilians.

With this letter I appeal to all Aurovilian to be aware of the consequences such a petition would have on Auroville future!

This petition is the best way to kill the City of Dawn, experiment on Human Unity.  It would show that we have failed the test on Human Unity and the growth on the path of Consciousness! 

We have an opportunity to build the city of Dawn and a choice either to miss this opportunity and taking the path of confrontation or to take the opportunity to build the city.

I am having understanding for the feelings of the few, who are being displaced. Can’t we forget the past and what has happened and look forward! 

We all have learnt on our spiritual journey that the present moment is the only true moment. Clinging to the past leads nowhere! 

Therefore, it is essential for the future of Auroville to work on a solution now instead of going for another confrontation!

How it can be?

  1. 1st Step is to introspect our role and share in the conflict.
  2. 2nd Step is trying to understand the role, responsibility and limited degree of freedom an IAS officer have once a rule has been passed! 

·      Try to understand that once the masterplan is published in a Gazette it becomes a rule of the Govt. of India, officers are bound to follow the rules and don’t have the freedom to work around it, without being questioned! 

·      This is my personal experience while working with Govt. officers over past 17 years! We all are obliged to follow the rules of our host country i.e. India! 

·      It will take years to make an amendment to the masterplan.

  1. We should also accept that AVF secretary Dr. Jayanti and the members of GB too are  devotees of the Mother and Shri Aurobindo, thus they too had a good intention to work on the manifestation of the city as published in the Gazette. We have no reason to doubt their integrity!
  2. Pl. introspect, is it worth to risk the development of the town because someone in our community is of the opinion that a certain tree or waterbody can’t be displaced! 
  3. Can we build living or working space in Auroville without cutting a tree? Don’t we have hardly any space left without a tree! Just to remind; Haven’t been a 4 acre forest area cleaned for the Frisbee sportsground few years back? Was RA asked to take a decision? 
  1. To work on a solution let us change the perspective:
    1. The hardware i.e. buildings, infrastructure, land, buildings for educational institutions or Multiversity, Cripa, Exhibition space, forest etc. is the body of the city, which need to be manifested as soon as possible for the soul of Auroville to grow and to manifest itself! 
    2. We the Aurovilians are the soul of the city, we the Aurovlians brings life in the city and not the building alone through our consciousness, through our work, arts, music, R&D, education, Implementing the Philosophy of Shri Aurobindo, meditation, and work on integral Yoga! When the body is manifested, many scholars from all over the world on the path of consciousness would be able to live, stay and contribute for the spiritual growth of the city. 
  2. Govt. of India is ready to invest huge amount of money in the manifestation of the body of our city of Dawn. The body of Auroville was planned by the Mother and designed by Roger as per her Guidance! The Mother must have had the vision how the body of Auroville should be for the soul or the kind of spirit to reside in the body of Auroville! Do we know better how the body of the city should be and want to change the design of the body? If the body is changed wouldn’t it had an impact on the soul of the city? 

We the Aurovilians have the task to work on the growth of the soul of Auroville i.e.   consciousness i.e. the path of integral Yoga and to live the Charter of Auroville in spirit! 

Let us work on Human Unity, living without ownership, practicing detachment, accepting the other being as equal and not as an enemy, living in the presence, on unending education, on R&D on innovation in collaboration with institutions from all over the world! Let us work on the spirit of Auroville and leave the manifestation of the body of Auroville to the GOI represented by the GB and AVF! 

Let us cooperate with AVF in the manifestation of the body and concentrate ourselves on the manifestation of the soul of the city!

With gratitude we should accept, that for the 1st time in last 17 years a secretary of AVF is taking initiative and mobilizing Govt. funds for the manifestation of the body of Auroville city.

Do we all know the way Divine work to manifest ? If that has not been the Divine Will, I am sure Dr. Jyanti would not be here! Let us surrender to the Divine Mother and accept her gifts to us in whatever way and through whom it is given! 

Let Dr. Jyanti do her duty and let us concentrate on our duty to bring life in the body of the city. 

Let us unite in the manifestation of the city in trust and faith in the Divine to give us wisdom! 

Om Shanti!


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