Let us work for the development of Auroville and forget the past

by Lavkamad

Dear friends.

As I understood, every one agrees that the galaxy model should be implemented as it was approved by the Mother!

Every one agrees to work for the growth of Auroville! 

 I believe that a city of 3-5K habitant is not sustainable, especially when we look at the current economy of Auroville! 

The current economy is Gastro and Spa economy instead of knowledge based economy.

We are not moving in the direction of unending education…. as per the Charter of Auroville!

We don’t have any institution of higher education or R&D. Education and R&D needs lot of funding.

Let us look at where do we need growth and where we are currently not moving in the right direction.

We all need infrastructure for the development, we all need housing , we all need education institutions, health care facilities, work places where we can raise our potential and consciousness, where we can practice unending education, R&D, we need economy to support our activities. 

We all know that the trees have to be cut, water bodies need to be shifted to build the city of 50000 habitant. We would need also space for Education Institutions, we would need space for R&D, we would need space for workplace or industry or for knowledge economy! 

The dream weaver is a team of experts and let them work on the detail plan! But for the detail plan they too need some fixed points such as Galaxy model, crwon road etc. If we put this in question, we are asking them to begin from the whole process from the scratch and forget all about the Galaxy etc. We all know that it may takes years to finalize and get approval of it! 

But what of City would come out of such an excercise? Would it be the right city for the place to develop consciousness? Would it be the city of vision of the Mother? 

We can’t begin again from the scratch and ask each and every one how the Masterplan should be! In my 50 years in Germany in Hamburg, I have seen that the masterplan was made by the Town  Development Authority e.g. development of the harbour area and the same may be true for the development of the London Harbour city!

Currently few are raising  questions on the ivalidty of the masterplan of 1999, which was  approved by the then RA. The detail plan is to be developed and this task has been taken over by the dearm weaver and is being supported and funded by the GOI.  I believe that this is the right approach, instead of beginning from the scratch!

Currently the Govt. of India which has its focus on the development of the country is willing to spent money to build the city on the base of the approved masterplan of 1999!

What I know is that the planned budget of 1000 Crore is for the buying the land, to build the infrastructure and for the housing. But no funds are for higher educational institutions, to build facilities to conduct R&D in Auroville,to promote entrepreneurs, for creating knowledge economy etc. 

Why don’t we ask the GOI e.g. to build an Institute of higher education based on integral education and Integral Yoga for academic and R&D in Auroville itself! Once we have such an Instution in Auroville we will be on the path of unending education R&D, innovation from within and without! Pl. understand that every where in the  world education & R&D institutions are either supported by the Govt. or owned by the private industry or financed by them. I would rather prefer institutions supported by the Govt. rather then by a private company ! 
Auroville would never have finances to run an institute of higher education and R&D! Here we would always depends on Govt. 

Instead of fighting for a diversion in the crown road or for few trees , we should fight for better facilities which would enable us to find, how to achieve human unity, how our education system should be for the consiousbeing, how our wholistic approach in R& D should be at the time of climate change, how should our green building be designed, how we can find solutions to protect environment  etc. etc. in short work on solutions for the betterment of human development and the earth as our living space!

Let us fight for the right cause and not for a diversion in crown road to save one or another tree or a waterbody!

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