10-point game results 10 – Ideals of Auroville

10 Ideals of Auroville

10.1.1         Collaboration based on mutual goodwill and the wish to build Auroville as a small urban community, not on “ecological” or “spiritual” arguments. Collaboration is the primary desirable heroism in Auroville, NOT heroism and martyrdom for the “right opinion”, the “true dream”, the “only way to sustainability” etc.

10.1.2         Respect and Love for every being as a form of Divine Creation A constructive, caring, joyful and nourishing way of life could bring to people “- the joy of work according to their own nature  and free leisure to grow inwardly, as well as a simply rich and beautiful life for all.”(p.241 SAB The Human Cycle, Conditions for the Coming of a Spiritual Age).

10.1.3         A free, constructive communication between all human beings, where every being has place to express himself (see also Virginia Satir, for a healthy family life) is the basic for a creative, productive, rich and beautiful society – or ECONOMY

10.1.4         PR and self-representation of Auroville reflecting reality of sincere struggle and challenges of unresolved problems, not on ecological or spiritual elitist dreams. The more we present a new age dream towards the outside world, the more such dreamers come to Auroville. The more we honestly talk of our struggle for an integration of ecological, economical, social factors (under the overall umbrella of the Charter), the more we attract people in these efforts. (Otherwise, how is it possible that newcomers come to Auroville “to do hatha yoga” or “to meditate”?)

10.1.5         To discourage, psychologically and administratively, the feeling that Auroville status is an achievement.

10.1.6         One of the very last messages written by Mother reads as follows :”<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />18-3-73. Auroville will become what it must be, only if and when the people living there will stop lying. M.” In my observation and experience the situation has much worsened and we are sliding deeper into a maze.

10.1.7         Encourage study of Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s works

10.1.8         QUALITIES NEEDED 1 Simplicity 2 Openness 3 Beauty 4 Joy 5 Respect  6 Honesty 7 Sharing 8 Studies 9 Discovery 10 Love

10.1.9         I believe we should focus on an Auroville of the present and work on the old Ideas of 50 000 inhabitants and similar things. Some of those up to 50 years old ideas are golden calves; we are dancing around them, because Mother once said so. But if the evolution goes differently, sticking to any old idea becomes increasingly countereffective to its original cause. Personally I have no doubts that Mother would have adjusted her plans about Auroville many times in the past 35 years, as I believe that such a dynamic force is the very nature of advanced personalities like Mother. But it still seems a sacrilege to doubt anything Mother said 40 years ago and be dynamic ourselves. I believe I have to dare to view the truth by my Self, not by what Mother or anybody else said.

The study and reverence to Masters is extremely important and helpful to increase my capacity to act according to the present reality. However, for the action, in absence of an Adesh, I have to use whatever light is there, rather than using the image of a torch, given by a Master. Such an image radiates no light at all. Unfortunately.

If we shift our perception gradually to what are the really important movements to monitor, also discussions about the right material for a door handle of Matrimandir or the appropriate height for a line of Force or the location of a kindergarten would become more relaxed and proportionate.

I see Auroville better off, if we play low key and are really uninteresting for the majority of the world. It is not helpful to those few inner progresses, to do international congresses with as much VIP’s as possible, arriving with BMW’s and such, to see Town Halls and such, to be documented on glossy art paper public relation papers and such. I am not saying it is a waste of money. I say it is harmful for the progress.

10.1.10      People/groups could be less judgemental.

10.1.11      Take steps to build relations with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Society and other Sri Aurobindo related organisations and people all around the world.

10.1.12      Respect; of course we are all different, we don’t need to agree with each other all the time, but let’s respect each other. Then we will be able to go to the next level: Unity. Out of respect and trying to identify with other people from the heart, we can realize that we are actually one. Then love will grow.

10.1.13      Love needs no words; Harmony Beauty Wisdom will be able to grow in us and there will be Light and we will be One force and we are able to work together in harmony: Collaboration WE ARE ALL ONE

10.1.14      A feeling of love and transparency in our ‘collective air’ – of being ‘together’ in this experiment of the Divine’s! … another ‘form’ of the game? ….. ten times over!

10.1.15      Define a unifying purpose for Auroville’s raison d’etre, i.e. the ideal of Human Unity applied to transform the Bio Region.

10.1.16      Auroville should choose its main theme for future development, because how we develop economically, architecturally and socially depends on this. Without a theme, we are subject to mundane forces such as tourism, selling arts and crafts, massage parlours, consumerism etc. A theme will determine how we earn money and raise funds, the kind of buildings we will make, the kind of newcomers we will attract etc., etc. If we choose education as our major theme, many sources of funds will open up to build accommodation for students and teachers, to build schools, and centres of higher learning. Whatever theme we choose must include the villages and the bioregion.

10.1.17      To bring about a shift in our collective awareness so as to become true stewards who consciously and intelligently take up the work of building Mother’s city, instead of trying to execute suggestions made long ago that may have been caught up by environmental, scientific and other relevant discoveries and in-depth studies of Auroville’s geographical, climatic and bio-regional situation during the last 30 years. 

10.1.18      Let’s concentrate on how much we have in common instead of how much different we are.

10.1.19      Let’s put Service to the Divine and Goodwill towards the Community as our main aim instead of personal gains and interests.

10.1.20      Let’s do more introspection and self-improving, because a society reflects the people it is made up of, so if the people are perfect the society will mirror it.

10.1.21      To love Auroville

every day anew

in spite of auroville,

in spite of ourselves,

in spite of our shortcomings.

to be in love with Auroville

in spite of all the trouble and challenges

to wake up every morning

saying thank you to be surrounded

by the dear forest’s embrace

hearing the birds’ songs concertos.

to meet a dear auroville face

see the smile in the shining eyes

catch the grin,

and knowing the heart’s language

of appreciation, encouragement, love.

this is auroville for me.

10 times over

10.1.22      Auroville as a lively centre of cultural activities, where the search for beauty and refinement is appreciated and supported by all its citizens. Children should be included and provide with a rich cultural environment.

10.1.23      Building the city together. Emphasis should be put on working as a way of offering to the community (be it as a service or as a commercial unity, for me there is no differences both in its own way are services) and people who commit themselves and stay committed should be totally supported by the community its needs assessed and covered. While lack of commitment or “functionary” type of attitudes should be addressed help for a changes or redirect the individual to another type of society.

10.1.24      Self knowledge and self-control versus a wide spread concept of freedom which defines freedom as an  indiscriminate following of all the vital movements, and to often the lower ones. Auroville as a door (or a path) to a higher freedom from all this vital and also the mental enslavements in which we all find ourselves. More respect for each other and stop abusive language or behaviour should be the starting point. This point should include the checking on the unfortunate sexual abuses that have happened and may still happen in the community.


  1. May we renounce fear and learn that death is an unseen face of life. Life and death coexist; one is the other.
  2. May we become conscious of our immortal being beyond life and death;
  3. May the contradictions move towards union in Auroville;
  4. May we become instruments of the Divine Mother, her swords lamps, burning and ready in her hand;
  5. May we understand that we hate something in ourselves when we are moved to create exit policies;
  6. May we understand that the divine is everywhere attempting to shine out in all the shine out in all the suffering humanity;
  7. May we understand: that we can be healed of in divinity;

                   : That we don’t have to choose suffering and pass through it.

                   :  That the way can be joyous, sun light and beautiful.

8. If we try each one of us to feel and be conscious. Let us take all the opportunities give in Auroville to learn to be conscious.

10.1.26       Reaffirm that Auroville is meant to be the cradle of supermanhood and that one and everyone should aim toward this goal of transformation, from the higher parts of the being to the least physical cell.

10.1.27      Offer oneself entirely to the Divine, without withholding anything. Being a transparent tool in the hands of the Master and through everything we have and are in this burning brazier.

10.1.28      Go beyond our human nature and transcend its actual reality. If most Aurovillians would believe and try to live “Her Dream”, and become true Aurovilians, everything else would be granted.

10.1.29      Develop a sense of dedication, sharing, collaboration, emulation for doing better, openness and harmony in the relation with others. That means lay the basis of true Brotherhood and Human Unity where one and every one is hero to help each on his own are path. Unity through the Divine.

10.1.30      Establish and generalize Karma yoga as the basic of action. That means the work done without desire, as an offering to the Divine and without seeing any fruit for oneself of the action undertake.

10.1.31      More Love

10.1.32      Bigger and more is not always better.

10.1.33      Cultivate environmental awareness.

10.1.34       Enhance self awareness.

10.1.35      Remove the priority off materialism.

10.1.36      A feeling of love and transparency in our ‘collective air’ – of being ‘together’ in this experiment of the Divine’s! Another ‘form’ of the game? Ten times over!

10.1.37      Real effort towards consensus

10.1.38       Sincerity of the effort to improve ourselves

10.1.39      Integrity in accordance with what we sign when enter the process of becoming Aurovillian.

10.1.40      Try to fill a little the empty room of the soul of Auroville.

10.1.41       Auroville should become a Universal Township and not a private club of people who think that they can decide who is to become part or not. A free spirit of collaboration can never become a reality if form the very onset the principles of the charter of Auroville are neglected and opposed.

10.1.42      The main change in Auroville that I would like to see is, that we work more concisely on our own inner individual being than to busy and critical about each other. Most of our (collective) problems would just not exist if we would be more in touch with Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teaching.

10.1.43       If every Aurovillian understands that, to make our aims possible, he/she has to put some time and energy into whatever other field of Auroville that his working area (MM, village action, Guest Service, Children etc) we would need less group, structure and services. (S. point 1)

10.1.44       To relate all our activities to the Charter.

10.1.45       To recreate our day to day life towards her dream

10.1.46       To appreciate people who devote themselves in releasing the goals of Auroville.

10.1.47       Everybody who lives in Auroville should know for what purpose Auroville was founded and what it requires from us to make it work and progress together towards a higher spiritual consciousness.

10.1.48       Change of consciousness

10.1.49       More widespread awareness of the Fundamental aims +ideals of Auroville as given by the mother.

10.1.50       More concentration on these in all our collective work and processes.

10.1.51      Sincerity

10.1.52      Mission statements for all major areas of Auroville

10.1.53      Collective resolutions

10.1.54      Common code of conduct to Aurovillians who stress individual freedom

10.1.55      More common sense in all aspects of Aurovilian life.

10.1.56      Don’t lie, don’t hide your lies – work with them! Don’t protect others who lie in order that they will protect you.

10.1.57      Share your information with others, don’t hide it. Don’t use your information in the ‘right’ moment to win personal battles with others.

10.1.58      Don’t call ‘black’ ‘grey’, or even ‘white’. Call ‘black’ black but follow the white path against the mainstream.

10.1.59      Make compromises but always keep in mind it was a compromise and when a better solution arrives at the horizon stretch for that and skip the compromise.

10.1.60      Measure all your decisions from the point of view of whether the following action will contribute anything to the building of something new and not just copies the old stuff out of inertia and comfort we have lived in for centuries.

10.1.61      Human Unity.  Still a long way to go…

10.1.62 Of course this list could be endless. More than anything, I feel we need the courage of our convictions! To change or implement anything, we need to have the courage to look how it currently is straight in the face – to tell the truth about it. Perhaps we can even start here – i.e. practice this “telling the truth together”. This is not about blame, but about the courage it takes to be willing to know. The truth of a situation is often complex. In the telling and sharing of our various perspectives and pieces of it, we may create the opportunity for us to experience and appreciate more the other pieces – the ones we did not bring to the discussion, the ones we did not know about or were not sensitive to. If we do this, we may find ourselves more able to stand together – at least sometimes for some things. If we can’t work out how to do this genuinely (not the superficial, short-lived and generally false sense of togetherness that constitutes crisis-reaction mode), there can be no real trust and no true basis for our collectivity. We’re committed to “the impossible” here. You need a solid place to stand to move a mountain. Most of all, in whatever ways we can, we need to try to build/strengthen this base

10.1.63        My Nine Points Auroville-Playlist of all times!

All You Need Is Love                 The Beatles

Universally Speaking                 Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rhythm Divine                      Yello

Oh Ironie!                          Stephan Eicher

Vogue                             Madonna

It Ain’t Over Till I’ts Over              Lenny Kravitz

Losing My Religion                  R.E.M.

Let’s Go Crazy                       Prince

Easy                               Faith No More

10.1.64   After 36 years of our experience here we believe that one of the main source of problems and disharmony in Auroville is a too wide a gap between dreams and realities.

10.1.65      Sincerity……..That’s all…….. Everybody thinks they are being sincere all the time, and in their own way they are………But it is not enough. We need to be more sincere………..Even the smallest lack of sincerity is enough to postpone all progress.

10.1.66      More courage

10.1.67      More trust

10.1.68      For me there is only one point about who has to change i

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