10-point game results 1 – Matrimandir

1 Matrimandir


1.1.1            The understanding of the role of Matrimandir as a tool for inner growth is not adjusted properly to the present reality. Therefore it is now out of proportion and not only seen as a weird thing by many outsiders, but it is also in high danger to deteriorate to a mere tourist attraction.

1.1.2            Matrimandir should be closed to day tourists – and should be a place for us to concentrate, focus our energies or just to admire.

1.1.3            Take steps to bring Matrimandir to the center of Auroville life.

1.1.4            Matrimandir “Point of Cohesion”

                                a)collective work

                                b)cultural activities

1.1.5            Make MM open to work freely and promote it as a place to find their peace

1.1.6            Solve the division which still exists around Matrimandir

1.1.7            Matrimandir (unity, harmony, joy in its building)


1.2.1            Completing the Matrimandir and less waste of time and energy in “centres” for world union, bible houses etc. As we have not succeeded in collaboration around and completion of The Centre, all kind of other centers are founded with the expectation that they will achieve what we have not achieved with Matrimandir.

1.2.2            Complete the Matrimandir, lake and gardens

1.2.3            To make all possible efforts to finish  Matrimandir  and Matrimandir gardens, keeping in the spirit of “no religion” in Auroville.

1.2.4            MM (organization and co-ordination and management)

1.2.5            To complete Matrimandir and its gardens.

1.2.6            I look forward to the harmonious completion of Matrimandir.

1.2.7            The Matrimandir. Should be finished as soon as possible.


1.3.1              Find a unifying, harmonious solution to the “MM Lake issue”

1.3.2              Surround Matrimandir with the quality of water rather than a lake.  Create the quality using very small amounts of water to create tiny streams with green oasis with maybe small fountains and different sorts of wave forms where we can really appreciate this gift and the necessity to live in a way that preserves it for our children.  In the spaces between the oases use dry landscaping to demonstrate the beauty in this way of being as a contrast and to emphasize our need for water and the gifts it brings.


1.4.1            Build a solar powered tram to shuttle visitors from a parking area on the outskirts of the city to the Matrimandir.  Headphones should be provided so that visitors can get an introduction along the way to Mother’s vision of Auroville and the Matrimandir in their choice of several languages.

1.4.2            Tourist access only once a week. Let them walk from visitors center.

1.4.3            Matrimandir closed for tourist and parking  fees

1.4.4            Close MM one day for tourists

1.4.5            Behaviour  of people working at Matrimandir towards newcomers and guests

1.4.6            To close the chamber for visitors until the Matrimandir is ready.

1.4.7            Less tourist access allowed in Matrimandir and the gardens.

1.4.8            Matrimandir access improvement (away with the books!)

1.4.9            Matrimandir should stop being treated and promoted as a tourist attraction.  The tour guides are making lots of money very much at Auroville’s expense (in lots of ways).  We should have a daily quota and receive less people more graciously and meaningfully.


1.5.1        The Matrimandir should be declared a “Mental Free Zone” and the canvas should be taken off the rug finally.

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