Universal Township

Dear Auroville Residents,

A number of us have come together alarmed by the current situation in Auroville. We find that the idea of building a township, which is the central project of the Mother for Auroville is increasingly put in question. We find that the idea that the galaxy plan needs to be revised as per the wishes of some of the present Auroville residents has gained ground. There is also an increasing sense of territorialism whereby the development of Auroville needs to be “negotiated” with “stewards” who seem to feel that they are free to change township plans as they wish.

Like many others in Auroville we are alarmed at the idea that lands are being encroached upon without any effective counter resistance to these encroachments. We are alarmed that there are speculators hovering around Auroville wanting to use Auroville and its neighbourhood for lucrative development projects. We are alarmed that no concrete steps have been taken to protect the land of Auroville although there were and are options for statutory land use regulation, which is the only way to ensure this protection.

We are also alarmed that the economy of Auroville increasingly develops in a direction that deviates from the economy that the Mother had envisaged for Auroville. In the Mother’s vision Auroville would be a self-supporting township without exchange of money between its residents while all basic needs would be taken care of. We are far away from this ideal.

We notice that the above concerns are shared by many . A number of us would like to work on creating a movement of change with a focus on the realisation of the Auroville township both in terms of its physical development and the realisation of the social, economic, educational, cultural and other dimensions of the socio-economic fabric of the township in accordance with the spiritual vision and ideals given by the Mother. We welcome all Aurovilians to join hands in the pursuit of these and other objectives given by the Mother.

The group is called Universal Township with email ID auroville-universal-town@Googlegroups.com.We welcome suggestions from everyone committed to realise the Auroville vision given by the Mother in all its dimensions.In this sense all Aurovilians are members of this group.We invite suggestions,questions and offers of collaboration.

Anandi,Aryamani,Devasmita,Divya(karun),Jacqueline,Louis Cohen,Joseba,Sanjeev,Satyakam
on behalf of the group.

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