The Matrimandir as a Center for Integral Yoga and Peaceful Contemplation

The Matrimandir, located at the heart of Auroville, is a structure that transcends its physical presence. It serves as a symbol of Auroville’s profound aspiration for the Divine. This aspiration finds its roots in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, who envisioned Auroville as a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds could come together in the pursuit of spiritual growth and the realization of human unity.

The messages from The Mother in early 1971 emphasize the significance of the Matrimandir as a living symbol of Auroville’s spiritual aspirations. This colossal dome, often described as a place for “peaceful contemplation,” is more than just an architectural marvel; it is a testament to the transformative power of integral yoga.

A Call for Collaboration and Consecration

In March 1971, The Mother called upon Aurovilians living at the center to actively participate in the construction of the Matrimandir. She made it clear that during this phase of construction, it was imperative for Aurovilians residing in the vicinity to contribute their labor and dedication to the project. Those who were unwilling to participate in the construction were encouraged to reconsider their choice of residence at the center. This directive underscored the importance of collaboration and unity in the community’s endeavor to build the Matrimandir.

Divine Guidance and the Universal Mother

The Mother’s messages further stress that the Matrimandir is directly under the influence of the Divine. It is believed that the Divine orchestrates events related to the Matrimandir’s construction, ensuring that it aligns with the community’s spiritual goals. The Matrimandir is not just a physical structure; it is a manifestation of the Divine’s response to humanity’s yearning for perfection and unity. Its significance lies in its role as a symbol of the Universal Mother, embodying the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

Unity Through Construction

The Matrimandir was envisioned as more than just a place of worship or meditation. It was intended to be a unifying force, fostering collaboration and fraternity among Aurovilians. The messages from The Mother indicate that the construction of the Matrimandir was not just a building project; it was a spiritual journey that brought the community together. It called for a collective effort, transcending personal interests and differences.

Peace, Cleanliness, and Well-Being

The Mother’s messages also emphasize the importance of peace, cleanliness, and well-being within the Matrimandir’s construction and the Auroville community as a whole. She envisioned the Matrimandir as a place of peace and harmony, and cleanliness was considered indispensable in the local climate to avoid illness. These principles were integral to the project, reflecting the holistic approach to life and spirituality in Auroville.


The Matrimandir, as conceived by The Mother and inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, serves as a beacon of spiritual aspiration and unity within Auroville. It is more than just a physical structure; it embodies the community’s dedication to integral yoga, peace, and unity. The messages and directives from The Mother underscore the profound significance of the Matrimandir in the spiritual evolution of Auroville, and its role as a center for peaceful contemplation continues to inspire those who visit and reside within its sacred space.

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