Mother on Matrimandir – 1

23 JUNE 1965

Taped conversation
Original language: French
First published in The Mother on Auroville (1977)

[Excerpt from a conversation with Satprem:]

The place is up there, on the Madras road, on top of the hill. (Mother takes a paper and begins to draw)

We have here – naturally, it is not like that in Nature, we shall have to adapt ourselves; it is like that up there on the ideal plane – here, a central point. This central point is a park, which I saw when I was very young – perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world from the point of view of physical, material Nature – a park with water and trees, like all parks, and flowers, but not many; flowers in the form of creepers, palms and ferns, all varieties of palms; water, if possible running water, and possibly a small cascade. From the practical point of view, it would be very good: at the far end, outside the park, we could build reservoirs, which would be used to supply water to the residents.

So in this park, I saw the “Pavilion of Love”. But I dislike this word, for man has turned it into something grotesque; I am speaking of the principle of Divine Love. But that has changed: it will be “The Pavilion of the Mother”, but not this (Mother points to herself) – the Mother, the true Mother, the principle of the Mother. I say “Mother” because Sri Aurobindo used that word, otherwise I would have put something else, I would have put “creative principle” or “principle of realization” or – I do not know…. It will be a small building, not a big one, with only a meditation room downstairs, but with columns and probably a circular shape. I say probably, because I am leaving that for Roger to decide.

Upstairs, the first floor will be a room and the roof will be a covered terrace. You know the ancient Indo-Moghul miniatures, with palaces where there are terraces with small roofs supported by columns? You know those old miniatures? Hundreds of them have come into my hands… But this pavilion is very, very beautiful, a small pavilion like this, with a roof on a terrace, and low walls with couches against them to sit on, to meditate in the open air in the evening, at night. And below, downstairs, at ground level, a meditation room, simply – something quite bare. There would probably be at the far end something which would be a living light, perhaps the symbol in living light, a constant light. Otherwise, a very peaceful, very silent place.

Nearby, there would be a small dwelling, a small dwelling which would nevertheless have three floors, but not large-sized, and that would be the house of Huta, who would serve as a guardian. She would be the guardian of the pavilion. She wrote me a very nice letter but she did not understand all that, of course.

That is the centre.

All around, there is a circular road, which separates the park from the rest of the town. There would probably be a gateway – in fact there must be one – in the park. A gateway with the guardian of the gate. The guardian of the gate is a new girl [Huta] who has come from Africa, who wrote me a letter telling me that she wanted to be the guardian of Auroville in order to let only the “Servants of Truth” enter (laughing). It is a very nice plan. So I shall probably put her there as guardian of the park, with a small house on the road at the entrance.

[passage omitted]

Satprem: And you will be there at the centre?

Huta hopes so. (Mother laughs) I did not say no, I did not say yes; I told her, “The Lord will decide.” It depends on my state of health. A removal, no – I am here because of the Samadhi, I shall stay here, that is quite sure. But I can go there on a visit; it is not so far, it takes five minutes by car. But Huta wants to be quiet, silent, aloof, and that is quite possible in her park, surrounded by a road, with someone to stop people from coming in; one can stay very quiet – but if I am there, that is the end of it! There would be collective meditations, etc.

[passage omitted]

From the construction point of view, it will depend on Roger’s plasticity; the details are all the same to me – only I would like this pavilion to be very beautiful. I can see it. For I have seen it, I have had the vision of it; so I shall try to make him understand what I have seen. And the park too, I have seen it – these are old visions, which I had repeatedly. But that is not difficult.

* * *

25 JUNE 1965

Notes taken after a conversation
Original language: English
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

[Excerpt from a conversation with Huta]

Ah! Now the Mother’s Pavilion – it will be surrounded by a lake, tall trees, various kinds of flowers – I especially want the creepers of hibiscus – Java – red flowers – Power – upon the outer dome of the Mother’s Pavilion. There will be rockeries, in Japanese style, with varieties of cactus, small waterfalls, small pools with lilies, marble statues, marble fountains and pavements decorated with precious stones.

This Pavilion will be in white marble and will have three storeys – the ground floor will be a huge marble Hall – nothing material is to be kept in it except an arrangement by which there will be a perpetual flame representing the Immortal Flame – the white flame of the Supreme Truth. This flame will burn in a lotus built in the centre of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol and my symbol combined in a design made of pure gold. The Supreme Truth will be invoked in it.

For the second floor I do not know yet, but on the third floor there will be a terrace garden and from this top floor the whole of Auroville will be seen. Also on this terrace I would like to have carved marble seats – you know they carve peacocks and things like that in marble.

This Shrine must have a vast area – not like this (Mother took her handkerchief in her palm and closed her hand), so small. Also there must be a silent zone. No vehicles should move in this area, there should be no noise of any kind.

Garden sketch

Mother’s sketch of the gardens, (drawn for Huta)

The Park of Unity will be divided into twelve gardens, which will represent the twelve attributes of the Supreme Mother. In these gardens I would like to have various kinds of flowers – especially the different types of hibiscus – the Divine Consciousness.

On the other side, towards the boundary of the gardens, I wish to have huge trees like palms, varieties of ferns, neem, Indian cork-trees, eucalyptus and many other beautiful big trees – they all represent unity and aspiration.

The whole area will be surrounded by a lake so that the Mother’s Shrine may be on an island. When the lake will be dug, all the soil will be collected on one side in order to make it look like a mountain where there will be fir-trees. You see, in the future there will be snow…

[passage omitted]

And you will be the guardian of the Mother’s Shrine. Your tiny house in the shape of a lotus bud will be on the island very close to my house…

(Huta was amazed and looked at her smiling face. Her eyes were filled with tears of gratitude. Mother put all her sketches back into her diary and, while holding Huta’s letters, she said:)

Look! All these letters of yours have started the Mother’s Shrine. I will explain to you more when I have spoken to the architect [Roger] who will be coming in September…

* * *

JULY (?) 1965

Notes taken after a conversation
Original language: English.
When first made public:
Where published already:

Huta: Since we shall have some nice animals like deer and rabbits in the gardens, why can’t we have lions near the Mother’s Shrine?

Lions are indeed very nice. I have always at least one lion with me, but not physically because people are too frightened and their fear makes a mess.

* * *


Report written after a conversation
Original language: English.
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

[Excerpt from a conversation with Huta:]

Huta showed Mother a picture of the Golden Temple in Kyoto.

Child, this is exactly what we shall have except for the shape of the roof – it must be a terrace and a dome, but the surroundings will be the same – lake, flowers, trees, rockeries, small waterfalls and so on.

Ah! you know, I saw this golden temple at Kyoto when I was in Japan. It is beautiful. The Mother’s Shrine will be like that.

Gardening is a wonderful thing – especially in Japan.

* * *


Original language: English.
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

[Letter to Huta:]

My dear little child Huta,
Roger has just arrived yesterday. I am seeing him this morning to explain to him the plan of Auroville. The central park will be the park of Unity containing the Pavilion and its “annexe” [Huta’s house] as formerly decided.

* * *


Written comments on a report
Original language: French
When first made public: Never
Where published already: Reproduced in a compilation published by the “Laboratory of Evolution”

[Excerpt from Roger’s first report to Mother – and her written comment on it] CONSIDERATIONS AND GENERAL DATA TO LOCATE AUROVILLE ON THE PROPOSED LANDS

Guiding principles:

2) the best geographical location for Auroville would be along a new road connecting the two main Madras-Pondicherry roads, in order to avoid them while at the same time benefiting of them.

Why? Because these roads will become in the near future roads with high traffic and because the creation of Auroville will unavoidably accelerate this process. It is therefore almost impossible to envisage that a highway passes trough the heart of a new town, because of the noise, of the dangers, of the problems of crossing of this highway by secondary roads, of the presence of undesirable visitors, of the considerable number of cars difficult to control requiring huge parking spaces at the centre of the town, which create important expenditures and constant problems.

Moreover, in the particular case of Auroville the centre should be as far as possible of the main highways because of the presence of the Pavilion of the Mother in the Park of Unity. [Mother’s comments on a page of a small note pad:]

Copy of the original note in French

A kind of isolating zone must surround the park of Unity so that it is solitary and silent. One has access to it only with permission.

* * *

24 DECEMBER 1965

Notes taken after a conversation
Original language: English.
When first made public:
Where published already:

[Excerpt from a conversation with Huta:]

The place for the Mother’s Shrine [later known as Matrimandir] is chosen. It is really a very nice place.

* * *

20 February 1966

Report from a conversation
Original language: English
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

[Excerpt from a report of Huta after meeting Mother]

Mother then drew a sketch of the entrance of the Matrimandir, a small bridge, a box-room and a fountain at which people would wash their feet before entering The Mother’s Shrine. She said that in the Box-room the cleaning equipment of The Mother’s Shrine would be kept.

Mother’s sketch

* * *

10 MARCH 1966

Original language: English
When first made public: MTl 1974
Where published already: MTL

[Excerpt from a letter to Huta, in which Mother says how happy she is about the Nebula model:]

… you will be happy as the Truth Pavilion is a kind of island in the centre of an artificial round lake and looks like an immense lotus opened towards heaven.

* * *

12 MARCH 1966

Original language: English
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

Answer to Huta who had written to Mother that she aspired sincerely to serve the Truth, but that some people might not like the idea of her being the guardian of the Truth Pavilion:

My very dear little child Huta,
Fear not. The Lord is not influenced by what people say or desire. You will be the guardian of the Pavilion as decided.

15 NOVEMBER 1967

Original language and reliability: written in English
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

Mother’s comment on a suggestion from Huta to have Her precious things arranged in the Mother’s Shrine.

Fac simile (MTL)

My dear little child Huta,
Indeed it is a very good idea to collect and keep all my precious things that are to go in the Mother’s Shrine.

The only obstacle is that I have no precious things anywhere, neither in my rooms nor in Dyuman’s stores – no precious things at all… and the Mother’s Shrine will be an empty place, empty of all material things, meant only for meditation, concentration and prayer… and I hope, filled with light, spiritual force and the presence of the Truth.

With all my love.


New Year Message:

Remain young, never stop thriving towards perfection.


Probably at the beginning of 1968

Report from Huta
Original language: French
When first made public: MTL 1974
Where published already: MTL

[Huta reports that Mother made this sketch for the urn.]

It shows a round base with a square block on it and a lotus upon that square block. The height of the structure from the base to the top of the petals is marked by Mother as 1.65 m.(Huta believes that it is Mother’s own height).

Fac simile (MTL)
Pink or white Marble

Stainless steel plate embedded in the white mosaic of the urn indicating the date and Mother’s signature.

* * *


Original language:
First publication:

[Roger came from France for the inauguration bringing with him a first model of the Galaxy (the small one, presently exhibited at the Visitor’s Centre), and photos of it made by Dominique Darr.]

Photo of the original Galaxy model

[In the original version of this Galaxy model, the Matrimandir as we know it now wasn’t represented (it was designed only in 1970-71). In its place there was a large sculpture symbolizing a lotus.]

Photo of the sculpture at the centre of the original Galaxy Model

[Later on, this model was modified and this sculpture replaced by the model of the Matrimandir, its gardens and the amphitheatre.]

* * *

16 FEBRUARY 1968

Report from a conversation
Original language: English
First publication: MTL 1974
Sources: MTL, p.26; AMW, p.119

[Huta reports:]

There was a rumor that instead of the Mother’s Shrine, there would be a small lotus and nothing else. Huta came to know of this and however kept quiet aware that the “dream” of the Lord would turn to be true in spite of all the oppositions. On that day, Huta met Mother who explained in detail to her in every detail the plan for the Mother’s Shrine and the twelve gardens. Huta was amazed because she had never mentioned anything about the rumor. Huta believes that Mother must have felt her feelings and the vibrations.

[After hearing the full plan of Mother’s Shrine, Huta heaved a sigh of relief and told Mother everything she had heard regarding Mother’s Shrine. Mother said gravely:]

Yes, nasty people speak against the Truth…

APRIL 1968

23 April 1968

Taped conversation
Original language: French
First publication: AM MA
Sources: MA, p. ; AMW, p.147
[Excerpt from a conversation with Satprem:]

[Mother shows a brochure on Auroville, the first photo of which shows a white urn beneath a wide sky.]


[Mother’s reaction to this photo is particularly interesting because the design adopted by Roger for the urn is so stylized that it looks more like a lily bud than the lotus bud drawn by Mother. Because of this, there was uproar in the Ashram…]

It’s very good. It has something… I don’t know, [Mother pushes her fist down into the Earth] it’s like a Law of Destiny: something which imposes itself.

* * *

JUNE 196828 June 1968

Reported after a conversation
Original language: English
First publication: MTL 1974
Sources: MTL, p.27; AMW, p.154;

[After a meditation with Huta, Mother said:]

Do you know the Banyan tree at the Centre of the Mother’s Shrine?

I saw you in my vision just now: you were sitting under the Banyan tree, and garlands were hanging all over you from the branches of the tree. Also, the flowers were showered on you from above. You were peacefully quiet.

[Huta painted Her vision. When Mother saw the painting, She asked that the length of the grass be shortened and after the modification wrote the name for the painting.]

The inner life.

* * *


29 December 1968

Original language: English
First publication:

Sources: MoA, p.76; CWM, XIII, p 236; AMW, p.158;
Arindam’s Fac simile

Arindan (one of the first settlers of the Centre): My house is finished. Should I have a name for this house?


I should like this whole place to be called “PEACE”, and that peace, actual peace should reign there, not only between the occupants but with the whole of Auroville, present and future.

* * *

9 JANUARY 1969

Original language: English
First publication:
Sources: MoA, p.76; AMW, p.162

[Mother gave the following message to Arindam for the people living in the area at the Centre – which she had named “Peace”.]


The foremost thing must be Peace. Whatever you do must be by peaceful means. The second thing necessary is Harmony, not only general harmony but also between the individuals living there. You must begin to look for the harmony in each individual and not dwell on the disharmony. The disharmony exists everywhere but you must reject that and allow only the harmony to enter.
There must be a sense of Order.

Each individual must have a sense of self-discipline, and actually practice it.



What we are doing now is a new thing; it has nothing to do with the past.

* * *



Original language: English

First publication:

Sources: CWM, XIII, p.237; AMW, p.163

Janet: It seems that there is more to the Divine’s work at Peace than other places in. Is this true? Is there an occult reason for this?

Be confident and peaceful yourself.
That is contagious.
My blessings are with you.

* * *

30 JANUARY 1969

Original language: English
First publication: MTL 1974
Sources: MTL, p.29; AMW, p.168

[Huta reports that on that day, Mother appointed Laljibhai Director of the Organisation of Auroville’s Industrial Zone. Huta reports that she told Laljibjai’s feelings for the Matrimandir. Mother wrote;]

Very good. I appreciate Laljibhai’s attitude and his intention. You can be sure that the Matrimandir will be done according to the Divine’s inspiration. With love and blessings.

* * *

14 FEBRUARY 1969Report written after a conversation
Original language: English.
First publication: MTL 1974
Sources: MTL, p.29-30

[Mother informed Huta:]

At the end of March, when Roger will come, the final plan will be made. At the moment the plan of Auromodèle is being made.

[Later Mother asked André to write to Huta on Her behalf:]

It has been decided and will remain decided that the Matrimandir will be surrounded with water. However, water is not available just now and will be available only later, so it is decided to build the Matrimandir now and surround it with water later, perhaps in a few years’ time…


Report from a conversation
Original language: English
First publication: MTL 1974
Sources: MTL, p.30 ; AMW, p.231

[Excerpt from a conversation with Richard Eggenberger (then in-charge of Matrimandir Gardens, later named Narad,)].

It must be a thing of great beauty, of such a beauty that when men enter the gardens, they will say, “Ah, this is it,” and experience physically, concretely, the significance of each garden. In the garden of Youth, they will know youth; in the garden of Felicity, they will know felicity; in the garden of Perfection, they will know perfection and so on.

One must know how to move from consciousness to consciousness.

* * *

25 DECEMBER 1969

Taped conversation
Original language: French
First publication: AM MA
Sources: MA, p. ; CWM, p. 283

[Excerpt from a conversation with Satprem:] Do you know Paolo [Tomasi, an Italian designer], have you seen him? He’s nice.

Satprem: He is nice. But in fact I have something to say about this. Yesterday I had a visit from both Paolo and Nata [an Italian engineer], and Paolo explained to me a sort of inspiration he had about Auroville. I found it very beautiful, very good, and important. And so I said: “You must absolutely speak directly to Mother yourself.” So when could you see Paolo?

Will I understand him? Because the trouble is that people don’t know how to speak, they talk too fast and I can’t follow.
Tell me what he wants to tell me!

Satprem: I’ll strip the blossoms off it.

It doesn’t matter.

Satprem: He says since several years the energies in Auroville have been scattered: they’re egoistic, each one wants to make his own little hut, his own little trip, or at best hopes to create a supercity which will be nothing but an improvement on all the existing cities of the world. In this Auroville an axis, a centre is lacking. It lacks… a unification of consciousness around a centre, a pivot. So he was saying that in former times people built pyramids, they built cathedrals, and around this symbolic structure consciousness could unite, they could merge…

[Mother nods her head] … be uplifted. Well, we should make an axis, a centre in Auroville, a symbolic temple of the new world we want to create, and all consciousnesses might come together in the construction of that pyramid or temple of the new world. And at the same time, it will help bring down that which is to be expressed there.

It’s very good, that was the original idea: there was the centre, and the city was organized around it. Now they’re doing just the opposite! They want to build the city first and then put in the centre afterwards….

Satprem: And that’s why it isn’t working, he says. He says we have to start with that, and if we don’t start with that, then we won’t accomplish anything.

That was my initial impression. But how to make that clear to Roger? I don’t know. Because it’s Roger who changed it, he wanted to start with Auromodèle, that is, with trials and experiments.

Satprem: So what is happening is that each of the people there is busy with his own trip and his own hut, and there isn’t any “cement” – the Thing that would bind them together and raise them above themselves and their petty stories.

Theoretically he’s completely right.

Satprem: Oh, yes! And it’s odd, because when he told me about it, I could almost see it, I saw it. He’s a fellow who could pull it off.

Yes, he has the power. But why doesn’t he meet Roger?

Satprem: He told me: “Must I speak to Roger about it?” Because he says it’s a problem: if I say something to Roger about it, he is going to withdraw or… So I said, don’t say anything to Roger; tell Mother and Mother will say what has to be done.

I’m going to see Roger tomorrow, I can tell him. Paolo is also an architect, isn’t he?

Satprem: You are the only one who has any authority over Roger.

Yes… no, if I tell him, “Do it”, he won’t say no, but he won’t do it! He has to be convinced… All that I can do is tell him I’m aware of the idea, that I fully approve of it and I’m asking him to see Paolo and come to an.understanding. But I think Paolo has a power of conviction in him.

Satprem: Yes, in any case, when he was speaking to me, I felt the inspiration and the “thing” which was ready to come.

It is ready to come! I’ve known it for a long time! It’s there (gesture above), waiting.

Satprem: Well, he’s in touch with that.

Oh, yes.

Satprem: As he was speaking you could feel he had touched the true thing. While the rest of them are only thinking of how to bring in millions and make propaganda – they’re going about it completely the wrong way…

[passage omitted]

I’m afraid they don’t even have the land. That’s the difficulty. Because the centre of the city has been fixed and there’s still a large part of this centre which belongs, I think, to the government, and they’re in the process of negotiating to get it.


Roger’s idea is to have an island in the centre surrounded by water, running water which will be used for the city’s whole water supply; and when it has gone through the city, it will be routed to a mill and will be used to irrigate all the environing agriculture. So, this centre is like an islet, and in this centre there is what we had at first called the Matri Mandir – which I always see as a very big, absolutely empty room, you see, and it gets light from above; and that is arranged in such a way that the light which comes from above is focused on a place where there would be… that which we want to put as the centre of the city. First we had thought of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, but we can put anything we like. Like that, with a ray of light which always strikes it – which turns and turns, you understand, with the sun. If that is well done, it will be very good.

And then below, so that people can sit down and meditate or simply rest, but NOTHING – nothing but something comfortable underneath so they can sit down without getting tired, probably with some kind of pillars that would act as back rests at the same time. Something like that. And that is what I always SEE. And a rather high chamber so the sun can enter as a RAY, according to the hour of the day, and strike the centre which will be there.

If this is done, it will be very good.

And so, for the rest I don’t care, they can do what they like. At first they had thought of making a room for me, but I will never go there so it’s not worth the trouble, it’s quite useless. And look after this islet, it was understood that there would be a house for Huta, who would like to be there simply as the guardian….
So Roger had arranged a system of bridges to link it to the other bank. And the other bank would be composed entirely of gardens all around. These gardens… we had thought of twelve gardens (of dividing the distance by twelve), of making twelve gardens, each concentrated on one thing: a particular state of consciousness and the flowers that represent it.

And then the twelfth garden would be in the water, around (not around, but beside) the Mandir and with the Banyan tree which is there. That’s what is at the centre of the city. And there, there would be a repetition of the twelve gardens which surround it with the flowers similarly arranged… There are two Americans here now, a husband and wife, and the man has studied over there (in America) for more than a year, I think, to learn how to make gardens, and he has come with this knowledge. And I told him to begin right away to make the plans for the inner garden: they’re working on it. And then the reply is always the same: but we don’t have any money!

Satprem: But, Sweet Mother, what I believe and what Paolo has also touched on, is that if those… let us say 20 or 50 Aurovilians sincerely unite their hearts in the construction of this pyramid or temple of the new world, it WILL ATTRACT money, millions.

It should.

Satprem: They will come. It’s not “looking for millions” that’s needed, it’s first to unite the consciousnesses around something.

Satprem: That’s the key to the millions.

You’ll explain to Paolo everything I said…. That way we would have something which is really very good.

But obviously what is needed… There are material difficulties: for the islet, water is needed – naturally, otherwise it’s not an islet! As far as water goes, it will have to be transformed [i.e. by desalination] – there isn’t enough underground water.

Satprem: There’s not enough water?

There’s water, but just enough for one or two houses; in short there isn’t enough water to create a permanent stream. They would have to convert sea water. In Israel they have found a way to do it economically (we even have brochures about it), but you understand, “economical” for a city, not for an individual! And so we have to get water in order to make this islet, that’s the difficulty.

Satprem: But before building the islet, we can already start building the “temple” itself…. You have to begin by picking up a stone.

Yes, we could do that.

Satprem: That’s what is important, that people pick up the first stone with their hands and then set it down, and that they unite in so doing – because they will never come together through their little huts and their little stories.

Yes, that would be a lot better.

Satprem: Oh yes, of course!

Obviously, logically, or rather psychologically, it’s an error to build the outside first and the centre afterwards.

Satprem: Oh, yes!

But how to make him understand that?…

Satprem: Since we want to do “something else”, the least we can do is have trust in something else.

Yes, I’m going to speak to Roger about it tomorrow and I’m going to ask him to see Paolo. I think that to a certain extent Paolo can bring in the money, if he’s interested.
That is, to begin building even before there’s an islet.


For the outside of this sort of temple, Roger had been thinking of making a big lotus. But then the interior, the play of light, I don’t know if it will be possible with the form of a lotus.

If they could both collaborate… If they could both get together and if one of them could always be here, one of the two: sometimes one, sometimes the other, that one of the two is always here – with a single plan that they would make, it would go much faster, a hundred times faster.

Satprem: And it would seize people’s hearts.

That idea of a ray of sunlight… when I look, right away that’s what I see. And a ray of sunlight which would enter at all hours of the day – it would be arranged in such a way that it comes all the time [gesture following the movement of the sun]. And then there would be something, a symbol, which would be at once upright so that it can be seen from all sides, and flat so as to receive in full light – what?… And may it not become a religion, for the love of heaven!

Satprem: Yes.


You know that I’m in touch with some Ethiopians (I think it is a country which has remained the most Christian on earth). And there’s a boy [Tekeste] who is secretary to the embassy in Delhi (the Ethiopian Embassy), who is utterly taken, and so… [laughing] his birthday was two days ago and he came with a gift…. Something in wood, in ebony, as big as this; on one side was my picture and on the other side there was a picture of Sri Aurobindo, and in the middle there was a cross… in silver. And on the cross, at the top, where the junction two arms meet, there was on one side my symbol and on the other side Sri Aurobindo’s symbol… What’s in his head?!

Satprem: It’s frightful!

And naturally as soon as I saw him he put that on my lap…. It was this big. As soon as I saw it, there immediately came [gesture of massive descent] like that, like an answer to the will to transform Christianity. And it was so powerful, there was such a powerful vibration in it that I had the feeling it was IN THE PROCESS…. The cross is the symbol of transformation, you see: Matter [transversal gesture] penetrated by the Spirit, and the junction = the transformation. And a tremendous Force came, like, so that this cross might truly become… the flower of transformation.

But I didn’t say anything to him! And he himself doesn’t know, that is, he didn’t think of it – he didn’t think, he did it.
He had written to the Emperor to tell him about Auroville, and there was an answer. Did I show it to you?.. [Mother looks through some papers] It’s all the way down, right at the bottom….

“I have written to my Emperor Haile Selassie I, about Auroville International Township aim, and Ethiopia to be the second country to support this idea. He has written me a good letter. In his letter he has appreciated and admired your work very much. I wish you to bless him for peace of mind, good health to live long – peace for his people.”

It doesn’t commit you to anything! At least it shows goodwill.

[Mother puts the papers near her back under a pile of files]

I keep all this with me because it keeps the contact.


There is not the shadow of a doubt that the Force is working. And there is such a great… (how to say it?) a highly active will: NO RELIGION, no religion, no religious forms. And right, immediately people… So that’s why I’ve left people veryfree. That was why I did not insist on the construction of the centre first, because it would be that old cathedral again, that old temple, all that old stuff right away (Mother makes a geture of planting in the earth), and then everything gets organized around that: religion – we DON’T WANT religion.

Satprem: Yes, but we “make it into” something besides religion.

But they don’t make it anything! It’s in the people! They are so small, they need a religion, or at least they believe in it.
They need it, I see that, I’ve received more letters which I’m answering…. [Mother looks in vain through some other papers near her] Every day they come in. And Sri Aurobindo wrote some wonderful things about it… Very recently (yesterday or the day before) I answered a question about an “Aphorism” of Sri Aurobindo in which he says that atheism was NECESSARY because of the religions and all their misdeeds. They asked me a question and I answered that too.

Men are still very small.

But an interesting sign: from northern Europe, from Sweden and Norway and Denmark, some priests are writing to me; one of them is the head of a Church; another is the head of a convent. They are writing to ask and say that they want to collaborate in order to get out of… It’s very strong up there. One or two of them sent me their photos, asking me to help them. And they’re doing a work, they’re doing a work for Auroville over there. That means that…
But even our children have such stupid reactions! There’s a girl here who wrote to me because I had mentioned to her that the Consciousness had descended on earth, had been concentrated on the earth in order to help men prepare for the transformation; she said, “How is it that men have been left without help for such a long time?” That’s enough to make you burst into tears! They have had their whole education here and they can still ask questions like that!.. I had to hold myself back from telling her: you’re really a fool!


Who would be capable of finding a way to realize that?… Because there is no lack of sunshine here (obviously there are some days when there isn’t any, but anyway there are so many days when there is); so that from every side, from any angle, the ray falls [on the symbol]… So that it’s arranged like that. It’s a question of geometry.
You can speak to Paolo because if he had an idea…

Satprem: When he spoke, I felt he could catch that.

Yes. And that’s what’s needed: something, a symbol – we’ll find out what is needed, we’ll see – obviously like an altar, but… what? A symbol which simultaneously receives light directly from above and laterally.
And then, no other windows, you understand? All the rest in a sort of half-light, and that like a light… It would be good, it can be very good. I would like someone who can feel that. I don’t know at all if Roger is capable of feeling it, Paolo is capable.
And if it were well done, it would already be very interesting for people. It would give a concrete form to something…. People would start to say that it is a religion of the sun! [laughter] Oh, you know, I’m used to EVERY sort of foolishness!


The idea of Roger and those around him is to have industries, which are capable of making money for Auroville, then…

Satprem: They’re mistaken, they’re wrong.

That means that instead of its being done quickly, it will take centuries.

Satprem: And then, it starts off from old ideas, the old principles.


Satprem: One has to begin an another basis.

It’s due to fear of religions.

Satprem: We can very well do it not as a religion but as a symbol of the new world.

Yes. We need somebody who understands it – maybe Paolo will understand? Satprem: Yes, certainly! And he would have the capacity to convince, I think.


Yes, I’ll see Paolo. It would be better if he comes on a day when you’re there because I’m afraid I may not hear well… It bothers them a lot to have to talk so loudly. So, shall we say Saturday? And I’m going to speak to Roger tomorrow, that is, I’m going to tell him to see Paolo, who has some excellent ideas, so that he comes to an understanding with him.

You know, it’s very simple; we’re going to try to make Roger understand and create a collaboration. Roger won’t say no to me – but he won’t do anything! You understand, it’s like that! But at least, if he can do it, if they can agree, if it’s agreed with Roger, then it’s very good, there are no difficulties. But if he can’t, then Paolo will have to be here when Roger isn’t, and then we’ll have to do it!… You understand, for me it’s like that! [Mother laughs] Because Roger has enough work to do (he has a tremendous task). We’re not taking any work away from him, it’s rather that if he refuses to do it, we’ll do it, that’s all. I’m going to see if they can agree.

Now, for me things are no longer exclusive, not at all. I see very well the possibility of using the most contradictory elements AT THE SAME TIME… with a little skill, that’s all. It’s not exclusive. I don’t say. “oh, not that!” No, no, no: everything, everything all together. That’s what I want: to succeed in creating a place where opposites can unite.


Unless that can be done… (gesture of turning around in a circle) it goes on and on and on.
It’s good. Yes, I understand: the thing is to build the centre, even if we can’t make an islet.

Perhaps Paolo will be able to convince Roger. I’m going to speak to him tomorrow, to start off the new year.

* * *

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