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Proactive initiatives to take Auroville forward

Auroville is a unique and evolving community, and there are several proactive initiatives that are being taken to move it forward.

Auroville is committed to sustainable living, and various initiatives are being taken to ensure that the community is environmentally friendly. For instance, efforts are being made to increase the use of renewable energy, reduce waste, and promote sustainable agriculture. Auroville is known for its alternative education system that promotes holistic learning and personal growth. Various initiatives are being taken to improve the education system further, such as introducing new subjects, upgrading infrastructure, and enhancing teaching methodologies.  Auroville is a hub for art and culture, and various initiatives are being taken to promote and preserve local art forms and cultural practices. For instance, Auroville has an Arts and Culture Foundation that promotes the arts, organizes festivals, and provides support to artists and cultural organizations.

Overall, these proactive initiatives are helping Auroville move forward towards its goal of creating a sustainable, holistic, and spiritually fulfilling community.

Fund-raising for Auroville​

Coordinate fund-raising for Auroville and to secure proper arrangements
for receipts and disbursement of funds for Auroville.

Acceptable, Affordable & Adorable Housing Solutions

India is commemorating Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary. Sri Aurobindo was born on 15th August 1872. On India’s independence day and Sri Aurobindo’s birthday on 15th August 1947, he shared His five dreams. The last dream was about self-perfection and making way for the advent of supramental beings. His spiritual associate, Mirra Alfassa, better known as “the Mother” set up Auroville in Tamil Nadu in 1968 as a place for unending education, spiritual and material research, and a bridge between the past and the future with residents as willing servitors of the Divine Consciousness. Auroville is conceived as a laboratory of evolution and a township for transformation. The Mother involved a renowned architect, Roger Anger, to work on the design and approved the Galaxy Plan, which forms the basis of the Auroville Master Plan designed for a population of 50,000.

World Tamil Heritage Center

WTHC is a forum to explore and celebrate everything Tamil. We partner with Tamil faculties of various universities, academies and cultural centres expounding both classical, folk and contemporary Tamil elements. We organise various annual conferences, seasonal cultural festivals, monthly campaigns focussing on one aspect of Tamil culture, educational workshops, and also publish books and seminar papers.

In total, WTHC is set up for the world to experience, explore, educate, engage, and empower Tamil Heritage.

Letting the buds flower

The purpose of Auroville is to realise Human Unity. The flowering of prosperity through constant progress will security and peace of mind. This will encourage people to pursue larger goals. The purpose of startups in Auroville is to foster budding of new entrepreneurs, who will in turn bring prosperity to Auroville. 

Startup Auroville is an initiative for entrepreneurship and innovation located in the city of Auroville in India. Startup Auroville is important because it promotes sustainable development, supports the local economy, encourages innovation, fosters collaboration, and aligns with Auroville’s values.

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