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Igniting Global Change Inspired by Auroville

AuroLiFE, an abbreviation for “Auroville Life for the Environment,” represents a visionary initiative by AWARE Auroville, inspired by the ideals of Auroville. The project’s fundamental mission is to unite people from around the world, encouraging them to embrace eco-friendly behaviors while staying true to the principles and experiences derived from 55 years of Auroville Life.

The foundation of AuroLiFE finds its roots in the announcement made by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP26), introducing Mission LiFE. This mission endeavors to shift the global climate action narrative to the forefront of individual behaviors, fostering collective action and mindfulness.

AuroLiFE envisages a shift from the prevailing ‘use-and-dispose’ economy, characterized by mindless and wasteful consumption, to a circular economy founded on conscious and purposeful resource utilization. The mission aspires to inspire individuals to integrate simple yet impactful daily actions that, when embraced globally, can make a substantial contribution to combating climate change.

Mission LiFE: Supporting the Government of India in an India-led global mass movement to nudge individual and community action to protect and preserve the environment.

Key Principles of the AuroLiFE Initiative:

  1. Focus on Individual Behaviors: AuroLiFE is dedicated to transforming climate action into a widespread movement, a “Jan Andolan,” by focusing on the behaviors and attitudes of individuals and communities.

  2. Global Co-creation: The initiative is committed to sourcing innovative, scalable ideas from the world’s brightest minds, including those in top universities, think tanks, and international organizations.

  3. Leveraging Local Cultures: AuroLiFE acknowledges the significance of local cultures, beliefs, and everyday practices in promoting climate-friendly behaviors. The campaign aims to harness these diverse norms to drive global change.

Individual Action: The Heart of Climate Responsibility:

India boasts a remarkably low per capita carbon footprint, with individuals emitting only 0.56 tonnes of CO2 per year, compared to the global average of 4 tonnes. This unique position, steeped in traditional knowledge, social norms, and daily practices, makes India a torchbearer in addressing climate change through individual behaviors, manifested as the Jan Andolan called AuroLiFE.

Behavior-change Solutions: Proposals aimed at encouraging individuals, households, and communities to embrace climate-friendly practices in various sectors, including but not limited to water, transport, food, electricity, waste management, sustainability, recycling, and reuse.

Innovative Solutions: Concepts that promote the broader adoption of traditional, climate-friendly, and sustainable practices, while also creating opportunities for communities transitioning to eco-friendly production.

Auroville’s Best Practices: Suggestions for international, national, or local initiatives, the best practices of Auroville that can be feasibly scaled up to drive behavior change related to climate action.

The Auroville Way: A Sustainable Life

Auroville stands as a testament to the human spirit’s potential for harmony with nature and sustainable living. Known as the “City of Dawn,” Auroville is not just a geographical location but a profound idea—a living experiment in unity, consciousness, and eco-friendly living.

At the core of Auroville’s existence is the aspiration to create a community where individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures come together to live a life deeply rooted in sustainability and environmental consciousness. This unique experiment, founded in 1968 by the Mother and guided by Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual vision, has become a shining example of how sustainable living can be integrated into everyday life.

One of the most striking aspects of Auroville’s sustainable living is its commitment to renewable energy. The community has embraced solar power and other renewable energy sources, ensuring that a significant portion of its electricity needs are met through clean and green means. Auroville has also fostered a culture of eco-friendly construction, with earth-friendly building materials and techniques widely used.

The emphasis on organic farming and permaculture practices within Auroville showcases a commitment to nurturing the land and its resources. Food production in Auroville is not just about sustenance but about respecting the environment, conserving soil and water, and promoting biodiversity. This approach extends to local food markets where residents and visitors can access fresh, organic produce.

Waste reduction and recycling are integral parts of life in Auroville. The community promotes the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle—minimizing waste and actively repurposing materials. Through initiatives like the Auroville Earth Institute, waste materials like plastic bottles and old tires are ingeniously turned into construction materials, contributing to sustainable infrastructure development.

Auroville encourages sustainable transportation, with a focus on bicycles and electric vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint. Walking and cycling paths weave through the community, creating an eco-friendly mobility system.

In tune with the ideals of Auroville, the emphasis extends beyond environmental sustainability. It encompasses the holistic well-being of the residents, fostering mindfulness and self-discovery. Yoga, meditation, and communal living are all facets of this conscious lifestyle, promoting a deeper connection with oneself and nature.

The Auroville Way is a beacon of hope, reminding us that a sustainable life is not an unattainable dream but a living reality. It’s a place where the principles of sustainability are not confined to academic theories but are woven into the very fabric of daily life. Auroville’s journey is an inspiring testament to the fact that conscious, sustainable living can become a tangible reality, a reality that we can all aspire to embrace, wherever we are in the world.

Energy Conservation Practices Inspired by AuroLIFE

  1. Illuminate your space with LED bulbs and tube lights, reflecting Auroville’s commitment to energy-efficient living.
  2. Embrace public transport whenever possible, aligning with Auroville’s eco-conscious mobility choices.
  3. Opt for the stairs over elevators, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, in line with Auroville’s well-being principles.
  4. Switch off vehicle engines at red lights and railway crossings to save fuel and reduce emissions, echoing Auroville’s eco-friendly transportation choices.
  5. Utilize bicycles for local or short commutes, mirroring Auroville’s dedication to eco-friendly mobility solutions.
  6. Turn off irrigation pumps when not in use, reflecting Auroville’s mindful use of resources.
  7. Prefer CNG or electric vehicles over traditional petrol or diesel options, in harmony with Auroville’s commitment to sustainable transportation.
  8. Promote carpooling with friends and colleagues to reduce emissions and traffic congestion, aligning with Auroville’s communal values.
  9. Drive in the correct gear and keep your foot off the clutch when not changing gears, optimizing fuel usage, as practiced in Auroville.
  10. Consider installing solar water or solar cooker heaters on rooftops, harnessing renewable energy sources, reflecting Auroville’s commitment to sustainable living.
  11. Switch off appliances at the plug points when not in use to prevent energy wastage, in line with Auroville’s frugal consumption principles.
  12. Utilize biogas for cooking and electricity needs, aligning with Auroville’s sustainable energy practices.
  13. Set the temperature of air conditioners to 24 degrees for comfortable yet energy-efficient cooling, echoing Auroville’s eco-conscious approach to comfort.
  14. Prefer pressure cookers over other cookware for quicker and energy-saving cooking, in harmony with Auroville’s resource-efficient cooking practices.
  15. Keep your electronic devices in energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption, reflecting Auroville’s commitment to responsible technology use.
  16. Employ smart switches for frequently used appliances to optimize energy usage, drawing inspiration from Auroville’s innovative spirit.
  17. Install community earthen pots for cooling water sustainably, echoing Auroville’s communal and eco-friendly ethos.
  18. Regularly defrost your fridge or freezer to enhance its efficiency, reflecting Auroville’s dedication to resource optimization.
  19. Choose to run outdoors instead of using a treadmill for a more sustainable workout option, in line with Auroville’s emphasis on holistic well-being.

Water Conservation Inspired by AuroLIFE

  1. Embrace the cultivation of water-efficient crops, such as millets, aligning with Auroville’s sustainable practices.
  2. Contribute to the rejuvenation of rural water bodies through the Amrit Sarovar Scheme, echoing Auroville’s commitment to harmonious living with nature.
  3. Transition from traditional rice and wheat cultivation to more sustainable pulse and oilseed cropping systems, in line with Auroville’s eco-conscious principles.
  4. Implement cutting-edge water-saving technologies, including micro-irrigation, bunding, farm ponds, zero tillage, direct-seeded rice, and alternate wetting and drying, drawing inspiration from Auroville’s innovative spirit.
  5. Establish rainwater harvesting systems in homes, schools, and offices, mirroring Auroville’s dedication to responsible water use.
  6. Create drip irrigation systems using recycled materials whenever possible, reflecting Auroville’s emphasis on resource efficiency.
  7. Practice reusing water from washing vegetables to nourish plants and other purposes, echoing Auroville’s holistic approach to sustainability.
  8. Opt for pre-soaking heavy pots and pans before washing them, a practice aligned with Auroville’s mindful resource utilization.
  9. Avoid discarding stored water every time fresh tap water becomes available, echoing Auroville’s frugal use of resources.
  10. Choose buckets over hose pipes for watering plants, floors, and vehicles, in harmony with Auroville’s eco-friendly ethos.
  11. Fix leaks in flushes, taps, and water pipes to prevent wastage, in line with Auroville’s commitment to efficient resource management.
  12. Install water-efficient fixtures for taps, showerheads, and toilet flush units, reflecting Auroville’s dedication to sustainable living.
  13. Consider investing in a water meter for your household to measure water consumption regularly, in alignment with Auroville’s focus on self-awareness.
  14. Reuse water drained from air conditioning units or reverse osmosis systems for cleaning utensils and watering plants, mirroring Auroville’s circular resource usage.
  15. Choose a water purification system that minimizes water wastage, inspired by Auroville’s commitment to responsible consumption.

Reducing Single-Use Plastic the AuroLIFE Way

  1. Utilize cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic ones, mirroring Auroville’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  2. Always carry your reusable water bottle whenever possible, aligning with Auroville’s dedication to reducing plastic waste.
  3. Repurpose glass containers and packaging items as storage boxes, reflecting Auroville’s resource-conscious lifestyle.
  4. Actively participate in and encourage the participation of others in clean-up drives for cities and water bodies, echoing Auroville’s commitment to environmental cleanliness.
  5. Prefer non-plastic, eco-friendly cutlery during gatherings and events, aligning with Auroville’s sustainable event practices.
  6. Turn off running taps when they’re not in active use to save water, in line with Auroville’s frugal water management.
  7. Consider using menstrual cups instead of sanitary napkins for a sustainable alternative, reflecting Auroville’s holistic and eco-friendly approach.
  8. Opt for recycled plastic products over virgin plastic whenever possible, in harmony with Auroville’s commitment to sustainable consumption.
  9. Use steel or recyclable plastic lunch boxes and water bottles, echoing Auroville’s dedication to eco-conscious mealtime practices.
  10. Cut the packaging bags used for milk, buttermilk, and similar items only partially to prevent plastic bits from mixing into biodegradable waste, reflecting Auroville’s meticulous waste management.
  11. Embrace bamboo toothbrushes and neem combs, aligning with Auroville’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly personal care choices.

AuroLIFE: Inspiring Sustainable Food Practices

  1. Promote the inclusion of millets in diets through Anganwadi, Mid-Day meal, and PD schemes, embracing Auroville’s commitment to nutritious and sustainable food choices.
  2. Compost food waste at home, mirroring Auroville’s approach to responsible waste management and soil enrichment.
  3. Foster the creation of kitchen gardens and terrace gardens at homes, schools, and offices, reflecting Auroville’s dedication to locally sourced and organic produce.
  4. Prepare organic manure from cow dung and apply it to farms, aligning with Auroville’s eco-conscious and organic farming principles.
  5. Prefer locally available and seasonal foods, echoing Auroville’s commitment to sustainable and community-supported agriculture.
  6. Opt for smaller plates for daily meals to reduce food wastage, in line with Auroville’s frugal and mindful dining practices.

AuroLIFE: Promoting Waste Reduction Inspired by Auroville

  1. Contribute cattle waste, food waste, and agricultural waste to biogas plants provided under the GOBARDHAN scheme, reflecting Auroville’s circular and eco-friendly resource management.
  2. Practice segregation of dry and wet waste at homes, mirroring Auroville’s commitment to responsible waste disposal.
  3. Utilize agricultural residue and animal waste for composting, manuring, and mulching, aligning with Auroville’s sustainable agricultural practices.
  4. Recycle and reuse old newspapers and magazines, embracing Auroville’s dedication to resource efficiency.
  5. Feed unused and uncooked vegetable leftovers to cattle, reducing food waste in harmony with Auroville’s mindful consumption principles.
  6. Set printer defaults to double-sided printing, promoting eco-conscious printing practices.
  7. Repair, reuse, and recycle old furniture, echoing Auroville’s commitment to extending the lifespan of products.
  8. Opt for paper products made from recycled paper, reflecting Auroville’s support for sustainable paper sourcing.
  9. Donate old clothes and books to encourage a culture of sharing and reusing resources, in line with Auroville’s community spirit.
  10. Refrain from discarding waste in water bodies and public spaces, respecting Auroville’s principles of cleanliness and responsible waste management.
  11. Prevent pets from defecating in public places, aligning with Auroville’s emphasis on maintaining hygienic and clean surroundings.

AuroLIFE: Embracing Healthy Lifestyles Inspired by Auroville

  1. Advocate for the use of millets in food and indigenous herbs and medicinal plants for nutrition and well-being, echoing Auroville’s holistic approach to health.
  2. Give preference to consuming natural or organic products, aligning with Auroville’s emphasis on responsible and sustainable choices.
  3. Commence biodiversity conservation efforts at the community level, in harmony with Auroville’s commitment to preserving the environment.
  4. Cultivate medicinal plants such as neem, tulsi, giloy, mint, curry leaves, ashwagandha, and more within household premises, following Auroville’s tradition of herbal and natural remedies.
  5. Practice natural or organic farming, reflecting Auroville’s dedication to eco-friendly agricultural methods.
  6. Plant trees to mitigate the impact of pollution, mirroring Auroville’s commitment to enhancing air quality and green spaces.
  7. Refrain from purchasing products or souvenirs made from the skin, tusks, and fur of wild animals, respecting Auroville’s principles of wildlife protection.
  8. Establish and volunteer at community food and cloth banks, as well as animal shelters, fostering a spirit of communal support that characterizes Auroville.
  9. Initiate and/or join green clubs in your residential area, school, or office, in alignment with Auroville’s focus on environmental awareness and community involvement.

AuroLIFE: Minimizing E-Waste Inspired by Auroville

  1. Prioritize the repair and continued use of electronic devices rather than discarding them, echoing Auroville’s commitment to sustainable living and resource conservation.
  2. Responsibly dispose of gadgets at the nearest e-recycling units, in harmony with Auroville’s eco-conscious waste management practices.
  3. Opt for rechargeable lithium cells, aligning with Auroville’s focus on sustainable energy solutions.
  4. Choose cloud storage as a preferred option over using pen drives or hard drives, in line with Auroville’s dedication to reducing physical resource consumption and promoting digital sustainability. 

AuroLIFE Initiatives: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

AuroLIFE, inspired by Auroville’s core principles, is a call to action for individuals, communities, and institutions to adopt environmentally responsible behaviors. To realize this vision, AuroLIFE encourages a range of initiatives that can create a profound and lasting impact on the world. Here are some ideas and proposals:

  1. AuroLIFE Sustainability Challenge: A global competition inviting innovators, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to develop and showcase sustainable solutions for various aspects of daily life. Awards could be given for the most impactful and scalable ideas.

  2. AuroLIFE Ambassador Program: Establish a network of AuroLIFE ambassadors in different regions of the world. These ambassadors would promote sustainable living practices within their communities, organize events, and share success stories.

  3. AuroLIFE Education and Curriculum: Collaborate with educational institutions like SAIIER to develop and integrate AuroLIFE principles into the curriculum. Promote courses, workshops, and educational material focused on sustainability and responsible living.

  4. AuroLIFE Awards: Recognize and celebrate communities that make exemplary progress in adopting AuroLIFE principles. These awards can encourage collective action and highlight the positive impact of sustainable living.

  5. AuroLIFE Research: Offer researchers, both established and emerging, an opportunity to conduct studies on the effectiveness and impact of AuroLIFE principles. Encourage rigorous research to provide data-driven insights into sustainable living practices.

  6. AuroLIFE Sustainability Hub at Visitors Center: Establish physical and virtual hubs where individuals and communities can access resources, attend workshops, and find inspiration to transition into more sustainable lifestyles.

  7. AuroLIFE Global Collaboration: Forge partnerships with governments, NGOs, and international organizations to promote AuroLIFE principles on a global scale. Collaborative projects can address specific environmental challenges and promote collective action.

  8. AuroLIFE Sustainable Products Marketplace: Create a marketplace that exclusively features eco-friendly products and services. Empower individuals to make sustainable choices while supporting businesses committed to the environment.
  9. AuroLIFE Mobile App: Develop a mobile application that provides information, tips, and tools for adopting AuroLIFE principles in daily life. The app can offer challenges, educational content, and a platform for like-minded individuals to connect.

  10. AuroLIFE International Symposium: Organize an annual international symposium that brings together thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, experiences, and research findings related to sustainable living.

These initiatives are designed to empower individuals and communities to embrace eco-friendly behaviors and promote responsible living, all inspired by the timeless principles of Auroville’s way of life. Together, they can lead to a more sustainable and harmonious world.

In collaboration with Ecoservice

Auroville’s EcoService is at the forefront of managing solid waste within the international township of Auroville. This dedicated team plays a crucial role in maintaining the environmental balance by efficiently collecting, processing, and handling waste generated by households, communities, guest houses, restaurants, and units within the township.

EcoService’s primary mission is to minimize the environmental impact of waste generated in Auroville. This is achieved by prioritizing recycling efforts and minimizing landfilling. Currently, EcoService covers about two-thirds of the Auroville population for waste collection, with the remaining one-third choosing alternative waste disposal methods. Remarkably, approximately 72% of the waste collected by EcoService is recycled, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainability in waste management.

For more detailed insights into our work and comprehensive solid waste management practices, please explore our website’s solid waste management page. –


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