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FearFree ​Auroville

Don’t act out of Fear. Think Positive.

Various types of fear have seeped into our collective lives in Auroville. This is unfortunate and undesirable for the City of the Future. In particular, we need to develop our quality of Courage to trump our fears, to boldly spring forwards and willingly serve the Divine Consciousness.

Aware’s campaign to turn Auroville ‘Fear-Free’ is an attempt in that direction. Through this campaign, we’ll try to look into all our fears, address the challenges and accept the realities. And, move forward. Without fear.

All the prevalent activism movements in Auroville, arise from the foundation of fears. If we can address the root cause of our insecurities, perhaps, we can live peacefully in our world of prosperity, goodness, generosity, and gratitude.

The narratives of Police violence, Vindictive visas, Paid goons, JCB at night, Moving down forests, non-recognision of RA, BJP takeover, Drama of deportation, Violation of NGT, etc. are all multiple manifestations of fear.

AWARE wants to steer the narrative towards positivity, possibility, and prosperity.

Homelessness - red houses

Being fear-free in Auroville means letting go of the fear of losing houses. Instead of clinging onto material possessions, we can focus on the true essence of Auroville – to live a simple and sustainable life. By uncluttering our homes and living spaces, we can create a more peaceful and harmonious community. Let us trust in the abundance of the universe and have faith that our needs will always be met.

Cutting of Maintenances

Auroville is built on the foundation of trust and mutual support. We need to be fearless and trust that our community will always support us, even in the face of financial challenges. Instead of worrying about losing our maintenances, we can focus on creating sustainable and fulfilling work opportunities within Auroville. By coming together and supporting each other, we can build a strong and resilient community that is not held back by fear of financial insecurity.

Vindictive visas

Being fear-free in Auroville means not letting the fear of losing visas hinder our progress towards a sustainable and harmonious community. Instead of dwelling on fears, we must focus on creating a positive and inclusive environment for all. By working together and supporting each other, we can build a strong and resilient community that can withstand any challenges. Let us have faith in our collective vision and trust in the journey towards a better future for all.

Paid goons

Being fear-free in Auroville means addressing the root causes of insecurities, including the fear of paid goons. We must recognize that these incidents arise from a place of fear and lack of understanding. By promoting positivity, possibility, and prosperity, we can foster a culture of trust and unity. We must come together to support one another and stand up against any form of violence or intimidation. Through collaboration and a shared vision, we can create a fear-free community in Auroville.

JCB at night

Auroville residents shouldn’t fear sudden JCB actions at night. Instead, they should engage with the community and take collective action to avoid such situations. They should inform the concerned working groups and work together to find sustainable solutions. By being proactive and united, Aurovilians can prevent unwanted actions and uphold Auroville values.

Moving down forests

Being fear-free in Auroville means acknowledging the challenges we face and addressing them with positivity and possibility. The removal of greenery is a significant challenge for City manifestation, but we must not let fear control us. Instead, we should come together as a community to protect and preserve our natural resources by other means. By working together and taking positive action, we can create a sustainable future for Auroville and inspire others to follow our example.

Non-recognition of RA

Being fear-free in Auroville means having the courage to address unfounded authority in the Residents Assembly and recognising the responsibilities of the governing board also. The board is a part of the Auroville Foundation and should not fear retribution for upholding the values of Auroville. By addressing these issues head-on, we can create a culture of transparency, accountability, and mutual respect. Let us work together to foster a sense of unity and collaboration that can sustain Auroville for generations to come.

Government takeover

Being fear-free in Auroville means understanding that the City is an autonomous entity that operates under its own unique set of rules and values. While the government may have a role in providing support and resources, it cannot take over the governance of Auroville, provided Aurovilians take the responsibility to govern itself properly. It is important to recognize and appreciate the self-governing structure that has been established in Auroville, and to trust in the collective decision-making process of its residents. By staying true to its vision and values, Auroville can reclaim autonomy to contribute and avoid extenal interference.

Drama of deportation

Being fear-free in Auroville means not succumbing to the drama of deportation. This fear can lead to a sense of powerlessness and insecurity, but we must remember that we are all here to serve the higher purpose of Auroville. We must work together to create a positive and harmonious community, and not let the fear of deportation divide us. By focusing on our collective goals and vision, we can overcome this fear and create a better future for ourselves and Auroville.

Violation of NGT

Auroville’s commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment is well-known. However, recent misplaced narratives of violations of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) have caused concerns among the residents. To be fear-free in Auroville, we need to simply ensure that the NGT guidelines are followed strictly. We need to take responsibility for our actions and ensure that we don’t plant in a way that in future the City manifestation may harm the environment in any way. Auroville’s future depends on our ability to create a sustainable City that the Earth needs, and we must work towards achieving this goal.

Police violence

Let’s be fair to the Police, and not let unfounded fears cloud our perception of them. To be fear-free in Auroville from police violence, we need to acknowledge the positive role that the police have played in supporting and assisting Auroville.  Instead, we can work on building a healthy relationship with them, based on mutual respect and understanding. Auroville can also look into alternative ways of resolving conflicts and maintaining law and order, such as restorative justice practices.

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