Breaking Free from Fear: How AWARE is Leading the Charge in Creating a Fear-Free Auroville

Fear can be a paralyzing emotion, preventing individuals and communities from taking necessary risks and making progress. Unfortunately, fear has seeped into the collective consciousness of Auroville, hindering its growth and development. That’s where AWARE comes in – a group of individuals dedicated to creating a Fear-Free Auroville.

AWARE’s campaign is focused on addressing the root cause of fear, acknowledging the challenges and realities, and moving forward without fear. This approach seeks to encourage positive thinking, possibility, and prosperity rather than negativity and fear.

The various issues that have plagued Auroville, such as the fear of losing houses, maintenances, salaries, and visas, stem from a sense of insecurity and fear. These issues have given rise to activism movements that, although important, continue to perpetuate a culture of fear in the community.

To break free from fear, AWARE is encouraging Aurovillians to develop their quality of courage, trump their fears, and boldly spring forward to serve the Divine Consciousness. This requires a shift in mindset – one that prioritizes positive thinking and problem-solving rather than dwelling on fears.

For example, the fear of losing houses has plagued Auroville for years. However, instead of dwelling on this fear, AWARE is working towards finding practical solutions that can help residents keep their homes while also respecting Auroville’s values and principles. AWARE’s focus on positive action rather than dwelling on fear is essential for creating a Fear-Free Auroville.

Similarly, AWARE recognizes that the issue of police violence has caused fear and anxiety in the community. However, rather than demonizing the police, AWARE is working towards building a positive relationship between the community and law enforcement. This involves promoting communication and cooperation between the police and the community, ensuring that everyone feels safe and secure.

Creating a Fear-Free Auroville also requires addressing issues of authority and governance. AWARE recognizes that the Residents Assembly and Governing Board are an essential part of Auroville’s foundation and governance structure. However, fear and distrust have eroded the relationship between the two, leading to a breakdown in communication and cooperation. AWARE is working towards bridging this gap, promoting open communication and cooperation between the two bodies, and ensuring that everyone feels heard and represented.

Breaking free from fear also means tackling issues of environmental sustainability and conservation. The destruction of forests and other natural resources has caused fear and anxiety in the community, as people worry about the impact of these activities on the environment and future generations. AWARE is working towards promoting sustainable practices and conservation efforts that protect Auroville’s natural resources while promoting economic prosperity.

In conclusion, AWARE’s campaign for a Fear-Free Auroville is essential for the growth and development of the community. By prioritizing positive thinking, problem-solving, and practical solutions, AWARE is working towards breaking free from fear and promoting a culture of courage, cooperation, and progress. The road ahead may be challenging, but with a Fear-Free Auroville, the community can achieve great things.

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