Overcoming Insecurities: Understanding the Root Causes of Fear in Auroville

In Auroville, fear has unfortunately become a prevalent emotion among many residents. It has seeped into our collective consciousness, causing insecurity and doubt about the future. It is essential to understand the root causes of fear in Auroville to overcome it and move towards a positive future.

One major cause of fear is the insecurity of losing homes and maintenance. Many residents fear that they may lose their homes or be unable to maintain them. This fear is understandable, as homes are a fundamental need and a significant investment. However, by addressing the issue of housing security and maintenance, Auroville can alleviate these fears.

Another significant fear in Auroville is the possibility of losing visas. Many residents come from different countries and rely on their visas to stay in Auroville. Losing one’s visa can lead to deportation and a sense of insecurity. It is essential to address this fear by working with the Indian government and ensuring that visas are secure.

The fear of government takeover is also prevalent in Auroville. Many residents fear that the Indian government may take over Auroville, causing uncertainty and instability. This fear can be addressed by working with the government and ensuring that Auroville remains an autonomous community.

The fear of losing salaries is also common in Auroville. As a self-sustaining community, many residents rely on their work to sustain themselves. Losing one’s job can cause significant financial insecurity. By addressing issues such as fair compensation and job security, Auroville can alleviate this fear.

The fear of non-recognition of the Residents’ Assembly (RA) is also a significant concern for many residents. The RA plays a crucial role in the governance of Auroville, and its non-recognition can lead to instability and insecurity. Addressing this fear requires working with the Auroville Foundation and ensuring that the RA’s role is recognized and respected.

It is also essential to address the fear of police violence. While instances of police violence in Auroville are rare, the fear of violence can cause insecurity and distrust. Working with the local police and addressing any issues that may lead to violence can alleviate this fear.

To overcome these fears, Auroville needs to develop a sense of collective courage. AWARE’s campaign to create a fear-free Auroville is an excellent step in this direction. By addressing the root causes of fear, Auroville can move towards a future of positivity, possibility, and prosperity.

Addressing these fears requires a collaborative effort from all residents of Auroville. By coming together, we can address the root causes of fear and work towards a future of security and stability. Auroville has always been a community based on trust, and it is essential to maintain that trust by addressing the fears that may undermine it.

In conclusion, Auroville must work towards a future free of fear. By addressing the root causes of fear and working together, we can create a community of positivity, possibility, and prosperity. AWARE’s campaign to create a fear-free Auroville is an excellent step in this direction, but it requires the participation of all residents. Let us come together and create a future based on trust and security.

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