Auroville’s Role in Spreading the Message of Human Unity Globally

Auroville, aptly known as the “City of Dawn,” stands as a testament to the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, who saw the essential unity of all humanity. Their teachings emphasize that East and West, despite apparent differences, share a common human nature, destiny, and a shared aspiration towards a higher perfection. Auroville is the living embodiment of this vision, working tirelessly to manifest this unity on a global scale.

The Oneness of East and West: Historically, divisions between East and West have been emphasized, often causing conflicts and misunderstandings. However, Sri Aurobindo’s perspective invites us to focus on the inherent oneness and unity between these two realms. Both East and West share the same human nature, aspire towards greater perfection, and seek a higher truth. This perspective encourages unity, union, and oneness as essential for the pursuit and realization of a common ideal.

The Changing Focus of the West: The West has, over time, increasingly turned its attention to the material world and the mastery of mind and life over it. This shift has sometimes led to the denial of the spiritual dimension and the elevation of materialism as the sole reality. Auroville, on the other hand, rekindles the understanding of the unity of spirit and matter, offering a more holistic perspective that transcends mere materialism.

The Role of Knowledge in Achieving Unity: Auroville recognizes that non-possession of unity is the root cause of discord and division. To restore unity, one must first possess knowledge of the essential principles of Being. This knowledge reveals that our existence is an infinite unity, and the separation we perceive is an illusion. Auroville encourages individuals to move beyond appearances and embrace the true unity that underlies all existence.

Practicality of Unity: Auroville’s teachings emphasize that the attachment to mutable personality is the source of self-ignorance and discord. By realizing the impersonal One, which exists in eternal identity and harmony, individuals can overcome discord and ignorance. This realization is not just a philosophical ideal but a practical path towards unity and harmony in human relations.

Unity Beyond Impersonality: While unity is often associated with impersonality, Auroville recognizes that unity extends beyond the mere removal of relations and personality. True unity embraces the play of relations, the diversity of multiplicity, and the interaction of personalities in the cosmic existence. Auroville aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of unity that encompasses all aspects of life.

Spreading the Message of Unity: Auroville’s mission extends beyond its physical boundaries. It serves as a global ambassador for the message of human unity. By embodying the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Auroville inspires individuals worldwide to work towards a common ideal – the unity of humanity.

Conclusion: Auroville’s role in spreading the message of human unity globally is a testament to the transformative power of its vision. In a world often marked by divisions and differences, Auroville stands as a living example of how unity can be realized, not as a distant ideal but as a practical and achievable reality. As humanity looks toward a future marked by greater understanding and unity, Auroville’s message serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a more united world.

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