Auroville’s Concentration Practices: Tapping into Inner Peace at the Matrimandir

At the heart of Auroville, in a vast expanse known as the “Peace” area, lies a place that embodies the very essence of this unique experimental township – the Matrimandir. This remarkable structure, often referred to as the “soul of the city,” serves as a beacon of tranquility, spirituality, and inner peace. It is within the embrace of the Matrimandir that residents and visitors alike tap into the profound practices of concentration, inner reflection, and a connection to the Universal Mother.

The Matrimandir: A Symbol of Inner Transformation

The Matrimandir is a sight to behold, a golden sphere seemingly emerging from the earth’s embrace. For the past five decades, its slow but steady progress toward completion has captivated many. As you stroll through the enchanting Matrimandir Gardens, with each park bearing names such as “Harmony,” “Bliss,” and “Consciousness,” you can’t help but be drawn to this powerful symbol envisioned by the Mother as a response to humanity’s yearning for perfection.

The Evolutionary Principle: Temple of the Mother

The name “Matrimandir” translates to “Temple of the Mother.” In Sri Aurobindo’s teachings, the concept of the “Mother” represents the great evolutionary, conscious, and intelligent principle of life. It symbolizes the Universal Mother’s guiding force, aimed at helping humanity transcend its current limitations and enter the next stage of its evolutionary journey – the supramental consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo eloquently expressed the essence of the Mother: “The Mother is the consciousness and force of the Supreme and far above all she creates.” To delve deeper into the concept of the Universal Mother, one can explore Sri Aurobindo’s illuminating work, “The Mother,” where he unveils her nature, character, and her pivotal role in the divine plan.

The Mother’s Perspective on Matrimandir

The Mother, with unwavering clarity, articulated her vision for the Matrimandir. She emphasized that it should not become a religion, with no room for dogmas, principles, or rituals. Instead, Matrimandir was meant to teach people that realizing the Divine in life is not achieved by escaping the world but by embracing it with mindfulness.

The question of “Why do we build Matrimandir?” was met with a response that highlighted its necessity primarily for Westerners and Americans, who often struggle to grasp its significance. The Mother emphasized that the new force works everywhere and has been concentrated on the entire town, palpable to those who can perceive it.

The Inner Chamber: A Place for Concentration

The Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir is a spacious, all-white sanctuary in the upper hemisphere. It features white marble walls and soft white carpeting. At its heart, a crystal-glass globe sits, bathed in electronically guided sunlight. This radiant globe symbolizes future realizations and is central to the experience within the Inner Chamber.

Remarkably, the Inner Chamber eschews religious iconography, organized meditations, and rituals. Instead, it invites visitors to embark on a journey of inner discovery through silence and concentration.

No Religion: A Message of Unity

The Mother’s profound vision for Matrimandir is that it should not become a religion. She emphasized the failure of religions in the past due to their divisions and exclusivity. What the new consciousness yearns for is unity – the ability to understand both the spiritual and material extremes and find a meeting point where they become a formidable force.

The Matrimandir, therefore, stands as a symbol of unity, transcending the confines of any single belief system and inviting all to explore their inner selves without the trappings of religious dogma.

A Glimpse into Matrimandir’s Construction

For those curious about the labor of love that went into the construction of Matrimandir, a documentary titled “Building Matrimandir, Labour of Love” provides valuable insights. Produced and directed by the late Doris Kalker, the documentary offers a visual journey through the building and construction of this iconic structure.

Stay Updated: Matrimandir Website & Newsletter

To stay connected with the ongoing progress of Matrimandir and explore rich photographs of its gardens and architecture, you can visit the official Matrimandir website:

Additionally, the Matrimandir Newsletter offers quarterly updates on the ongoing works inside and outside the Matrimandir, including developments in the Inner Chamber, Heliostat, Disks, Petals, Gardens, and Lake.

In conclusion, the Matrimandir is a testament to Auroville’s commitment to inner transformation, unity, and the pursuit of higher consciousness. It beckons all seekers to step into its serene embrace, where the practices of concentration and inner peace are not bound by religion but are universal pathways toward self-realization and a deeper connection to the Universal Mother’s guiding force. As you visit Auroville, don’t miss the opportunity to tap into this profound spiritual experience at the Matrimandir.

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