10-point game results 4 – Housing

4 Housing

4.1.1                      Accommodation which can be rented. We have to put our heads together and come up with a way to finance housing which is owned by AV and is rented to Aurovilians and Newcomers. Having to build one’s house to live here is no longer workable if it ever really was. Having education as a main theme should make it easier to raise funds for housing

4.1.2                       Housing: Create a pool for the construction of housing with collective funds. Avoid relation architect-client.

4.1.3                       Promote rotation of houses so that the feeling of property gets diminished.

4.1.4                       Should stop Aurovilians buying properties out side of Auroville, if you have clear pictures about them need to be reviewed their aurovillian status.

4.1.5                       Since the buildings are coming up more and more let’s open one construction service team instead of giving to individual contractors, so the construction percentage will come to Auroville

4.1.6                       There should be a study to find out about the housing condition of Aurovilians who have been working for the community for at least 10 years and who are in need of better living conditions. Maybe some are too shy to ask or some have been asking but have not yet been helped. The Housing Service as it is doesn’t seem to be able to cope with such situations.

4.1.7                       More cooperative housing such as Creativity should be built as new arrivals are no longer allowed to build individual houses.

4.1.8                       Proper and decent houses or flats for every Aurovilian and also for the youth who want to leave their parents’ home or for the ones who come back after higher studies to experience Auroville.as adults.

4.1.9                       Have boats in AV for fishing, outing and just live in.

4.1.10                   Have free accommodation for young volunteers.

4.1.11                   Build more low-cost housing, implementing all important ecological guidelines. (See APDC).

4.1.12                   Housing unit – simple + comfortable –for everyone

4.1.13                   Get more housing going simple, collective and fast

4.1.14                   Housing (to promote development – right now the situation only blocks or discourages)

4.1.15                   Housing collective + economical, utilitarian ,elegant

4.1.16                   Better housing

4.1.17                   Low cost actual collective housing projects where by Aurovillians are part of the physical labour – collectively homes would be erected quickly.

4.1.18                   Affordable housing with user friendly architecture

4.1.19                  Housing. How to ensure decent and adequate accommodation for all community members?

4.1.20                   Less concrete buildings (more advanced, sustainable methods should be used)

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