From Citizens to Servitors: Understanding the Aurovilian Way of Life

Auroville is not like any other city or community in the world. Its unique way of life is based on the principle of universal brotherhood and spiritual aspiration. Aurovilians are not considered citizens, but rather individuals who have chosen to serve the collective ideal of Auroville. This mindset encourages individuals to prioritize the needs of the community over their personal desires and aspirations, and to work towards the greater good of all.

The concept of being a “willing servitor” is a fundamental aspect of the Aurovilian way of life. It emphasizes the importance of service and selflessness in creating a harmonious and sustainable community. Aurovilians are willing to serve the community in any way possible, whether it be through working on farms, construction projects, or even teaching and mentoring younger Aurovilians.

One of the core values of Auroville is the idea of collective decision-making and shared responsibility. In order for Auroville to function as a sustainable and self-sufficient community, every individual must be willing to contribute their time and resources for the greater good. This means that personal possessions and individual wealth are not valued as highly as they are in the outside world.

In Auroville, everyone is encouraged to participate in the decision-making process and to have a voice in the community’s direction. There are no political parties or leaders in Auroville, as the community is governed by the Auroville Council, a group of elected representatives who serve as the community’s administrative body.

The Aurovilian way of life is not just about serving the community, but also about personal growth and spiritual development. The community is home to a variety of spiritual practices and traditions, and Aurovilians are encouraged to explore their own spirituality and inner being. This emphasis on spiritual growth and self-discovery is an important part of the Aurovilian way of life, and is seen as essential to the community’s overall success.

Another important aspect of the Aurovilian way of life is the emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Aurovilians are committed to creating a sustainable and self-sufficient community, where resources are used wisely and waste is minimized. This means that the community places a high value on practices such as organic farming, renewable energy, and waste reduction.

In addition to these values, Auroville also places a strong emphasis on education and learning. The community is home to a number of schools and educational programs, where Aurovilians can learn practical skills and explore their own interests and passions. This focus on education and personal growth is seen as essential to the community’s long-term success.

Overall, the Aurovilian way of life is a unique and inspiring model for sustainable living and spiritual growth. By prioritizing the needs of the community over individual desires and aspirations, Aurovilians are able to create a harmonious and self-sufficient community that is truly a beacon of hope for the world.

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