Fostering Youth Empowerment and Smooth Transitions in Auroville

Auroville, the city where youth never ages, offers boundless opportunities for its young residents to embark on a journey of self-discovery and find their purpose in life through active engagement. However, one crucial element seems to be missing: the concept of transition. While the elder citizens have accomplished remarkable feats through their dedication, there is a need to bridge the generational gap and pass on their knowledge and skills to the aspiring youth, ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of Auroville.

Auroville owes its wonder and accomplishments to Mother and Sri Aurobindo. It also is the vision and efforts of its elder citizens. Their remarkable contributions have laid the foundation for the city’s development. However, it is crucial to reflect on whether they have considered sharing their wisdom and expertise with the younger generation who aspire to excel in the same fields. Fostering a culture of intergenerational exchange can bridge the gap within the Auroville community and ensure a smooth continuity of knowledge, skills, and assets.

To sustain the progress and vibrancy of Auroville, the notion of transition must be embraced. If the accomplishments and resources created by the elder citizens are not passed on effectively, Auroville risks losing its momentum and future direction. The responsibility falls upon the senior Aurovilians to acknowledge that their legacies and contributions need successors who can carry the torch forward. By actively supporting and mentoring enthusiastic young individuals who demonstrate a genuine interest in their respective fields, Auroville can witness a seamless transition of leadership, ensuring its continued growth and prosperity.

Auroville’s youth should be granted meaningful opportunities in various positions that align with their innate interests and aspirations. By providing them with platforms to express their passion and take up responsibilities, Auroville can tap into their potential and witness remarkable transformations. When youth are given the chance to contribute to the city’s development, a ripple effect occurs, inspiring others and fostering a culture of active engagement. The enthusiasm and fresh perspectives of young individuals, coupled with the guidance of experienced elders, can bring about innovative solutions, address challenges, and open new avenues for growth.

The Auroville community must actively explore possibilities and strategies to facilitate a smooth transition. It is a healthy and necessary practice to keep our family moving forward. Embracing change and collaboration can ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities from one generation to the next. Open channels of communication and platforms for dialogue can encourage Aurovilians, both young and old, to share their insights, suggestions, and experiences. By collectively nurturing an environment that fosters growth, mentorship, and cooperation, Auroville can pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.

In Auroville, the power of transition lies in its ability to empower the youth, bridge generational gaps, and ensure the continuity of achievements. By actively fostering intergenerational exchange, providing opportunities for the younger generation, and embracing collaboration, Auroville can thrive and fulfil its collective vision.

The Museum of Modern Art

June 13, 2022

To Whom It May Concern:
Roger Anger’s Auroville Model

Architect Roger Anger’s model for the experimental township of Auroville is a unique architectural
artifact of both high artistic merit and historical significance. It is an extremely elaborate, expressive
object that clearly communicates Auroville’s bold urban form and its relationship with the landscape,
as imagined by Anger and the Mother, Mirra Alfassa – a quality that is particularly difficult to express
at the level of the city. While architectural models are often thought of as mere tools for representing
spatial ideas, they are also significant tools for architects themselves to visualize, evaluate, and
refine their ideas in physical form. Anger’s model for the township of Auroville, in particular, helped
not only visualize but also determine the widely celebrated “galaxy” plan of this new experimental
society near Pondicherry. As such, it is a stunning artifact representing and embodying an equally
stunning urban and societal vision.

Thanks to the generosity and the unwavering support of the Auroville Town Development Council
(ATDC), the Auroville model is currently on view at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as part of the
exhibition The Project of Independence: Architectures of Decolonization in South Asia, 1947–1985
(February 20-July 2, 2022). This exhibition is the first of its kind to showcase the Subcontinent’s
extraordinary architectural production in the post-Independence period in a transnational way. The
Auroville model constitutes one of the anchor pieces of the exhibition’s opening section, “New
Cities,” which explores the design and construction of new and innovative urban visions for life in
South Asia after Independence. Most importantly, this unique artifact is the only architectural model
presented in this entire section.

MoMA performs conservation work for objects it deems to be of highest historical and artistic value –
an honor usually reserved for objects in MoMA’s permanent collection. The Auroville model was a
rare instance in which an object on loan was assessed as worthy of reconditioning treatment from
our world-class team of conservators. In order to present the model in the best possible light to our
audiences, and with approval of the ATDC, our colleagues in the Department of Sculpture
Conservation performed 40 hours of treatment on the model – removing dust and impurities that had
accumulated over the decades, repairing the perimeter of the base so as to aesthetically present a
uniformly painted edge, and repairing a slightly disfigured building in the center of the model
where the pressure of the deforming and scratched acrylic that originally covered the model had
resulted in damage over time. Upon the completion of this restoration project, the Auroville model
was mounted in a dedicated pedestal in MoMA’s galleries and covered with a custom-fabricated
bonnet so that the power of the Mother’s and Anger’s urban vision for Auroville could be
communicated to exhibition visitors with the utmost immediacy.

The model has been displayed to resounding success and is one of the main attractions of the
exhibition. Many visitors – professionals and general audience members alike – have commented on
the extraordinary architectural merits and beauty of this object. For these reasons, the Department
of Architecture and Design earnestly hopes to include the model in MoMA’s collection, which will
allow curators to exhibit it in a number of different contexts and changing displays going forward.
I am pleased to attach to this letter a number of photographs documenting the presence of Roger
Anger’s model in the current exhibition.

Martino Stierli

The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design
New York, NY 10019


“IS THIS THE END?” A theatrical, chorographical, musical performance inspired by a poem by Sri Aurobindo, called: “IS THIS THE END?”. Facing a world in crisis and deep transition, our characters on stage express the physical urgency of a new breathe, new link to Nature and Vastness.


“Is this the end?”

Is this the end of all that we have been,

And all we did or dreamed,–

A name unremembered and a form undone,–

Is this the end?

A body rotting under a slab of stone

Or turned to ash in fire,

A mind dissolved, lost its forgotten thoughts,–

Is this the end?

Our little hours that were and are no more,

Our passions once so high

Being mocked by the still earth and calm sunshine,–

Is this the end?

Our yearnings for the human Godward climb

Passing to other hearts

Deceived, while smiles towards death and hell the world,–

Is this the end?

Fallen is the harp; shattered it lies and mute;

Is the unseen player dead?

Because the tree is felled where the bird sang,

Must the song too hush?

One in the mind who planned and willed and thought,

Worked to reshape earth’s fate,

One in the heart who loved and yearned and hoped,

Does he too end?

The Immortal in the mortal is his Name;

An artist Godhead here

Ever remoulds himself in diviner shapes,

Unwilling to cease

Till all is done for which the stars were made,

Till the heart discovers God

And the soul knows itself. And even then

There is no end.

– Sri Aurobindo

Forty years of Dance, Theatre & Music based on body memories for decolonization of mind, body and imagination 42 creations in 82 countries. In the opera of Paris, international festivals in South Africa, Hong Kong, Brazil and many others as Theatre Talipot Reunion Island France in Indian Ocean. 

Now as Surya Performance Lab in Auroville, South India. We are creating a new show for 150th Sri Aurobindo birthday.

It’s a theatrical, choreographical, musical performance inspired by a poem by Sri Aurobindo, called: “IS THIS THE END?”

Facing a world in crisis and deep transition, our characters on stage express the physical urgency of a new breathe, new link to Nature and Vastness.

We absolutely need your support to create this show. Much more than supporters or donors, Surya performance lab wishes to consider you as partners.

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