A Decision—-Finally

A Decision –  Finally

6th Nov 2021

There have been decades of discussion of how to implement the Master Plan or even whether to implement it or not. The net result of these endless discussions is that no major town development as per the Master Plan has taken place.

There were efforts to get statutory land use protection in place since 2002. These were also blocked on the ground that there will then be  government interference. Those who blocked  these efforts have not come up, or implemented a viable alternative solution. As a result  we can see speculators surround Auroville to find how best they can make a lucrative deal for themselves. The situation has become critical so much so that the Government of India  has decided to intervene once again, as it did before in 1980.

The Chairman of the Auroville Foundation announced some of the decisions taken by the Governing Board during the meeting of the GB with the Aurovilians on 2nd November, 2021. While we await the recording of the Chairman’s speech and the minutes of the meeting of the Governing Board, here is the gist of some of the statements made:

  • The fact that Auroville has only 3,000 residents after 50 years of existence is an indicator to  many that it is a failing project. The Government will not allow Mother’s dream to fail.Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy cannot be a failed philosophy.
  • We would like to see Auroville as a magnet that attracts people with an aspiration from all over the world.Auroville does not belong to any particular group of people.   
  • On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo let us dedicate ourselves to the building of the Auroville township and the realisation of the ideals given by the Mother.                   
  • The Governing Board is committed to the realisation of the Auroville ideals given by the Mother and the building of the Auroville township as per the Auroville Master Plan. This has to be done within a timeframe and with the collaboration of all Aurovilians.                      
  • Any trees  that are needed to be removed during the construction of the township will be planted elsewhere in the township area or in the forest areas of the Greenbelt of Auroville.        
  • Any structures that need to be replaced will have to be relocated and built elsewhere.              
  • There is an invitation for all to collaborate.

A positive decision has now been taken, putting to rest arguments and debates dividing Auroville residents in connection with the building of the Auroville Township. Let us collaborate and start a new phase in the realisation of Auroville .

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