TheQuint: ‘Development in Auroville Should Not Happen at the Cost of Ecological Balance’

KUNDHAVI DEVI | Published: 16 Dec 2021

‘We are not against the Crown Project, but it should not disturb the eco-sensitive zone’

What comes to your mind when you hear of Auroville? A sustainable city in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district? But it isn’t just that! The area that everyone sees, wasn’t so 55 years ago. It was a barren land and it became sustainable only because of the idea of realising human unity.

For the last week or so, this idea seems to be under threat.

On 9 December, we woke up to an overwhelming scene at Auroville. JCB earthmovers were brought to the Darkali Forest by the Auroville Foundation, which is run by the central government, to uproot the trees for the construction of ring road, called Crown Road, around the city.

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