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Uncroach Auroville

Don’t Encroach Auroville

In Auroville, multiple elements of our community have appropriated and encroached Auroville Assets. A few long-term unscrupulous elements of Auroville have long-held the Auroville Assets, and are claiming ownership rights, which were entrusted to them for stewardship.

The encroachers take cover of various emotional and environmental factors to continue their occupation, using hired local women, for the purposes of propaganda and media sensation. The encroachers have stooped so low, that they are now relying on lies, deceit, and falsehoods.

We need to awaken ourselves to see through this drama, and put Auroville back on track, as imagined by the Mother. Unroach is an initiative of AWARE Auroville, run by the residents of Auroville, to ensure the encroachments are undone and the Galaxy Plan is manifested.

Uncroach The City

“Uncroach Auroville” is an initiative led by the residents of Auroville to reclaim the assets of the community from encroachers who are claiming ownership rights over them. This movement aims to put Auroville back on track as envisioned by the Mother, and ensure the manifestation of the Galaxy Plan.

Uncroach The Parks

“Uncroach Auroville” is a campaign to preserve the public parks and green spaces in Auroville, India. The initiative aims to protect these areas from encroachment by individuals or businesses, and maintain them as vital resources for the community’s health, wellbeing, and enjoyment.

Uncroach The Pathways

“Uncroach Auroville” is an effort to protect and preserve the public pathways in Auroville, India, from encroachment by individuals or businesses. These pathways are essential for the community’s mobility, connectivity, and access to public spaces. The initiative aims to ensure that these pathways remain free and open to all, and that they are maintained for safe and easy travel throughout Auroville.

Uncroach The Houses

Auroville was envisioned as a place for simple living, where material possessions do not define one’s worth. However, some Aurovilians have built large houses that go beyond their actual needs, which contradicts the ideals of Auroville. We should remember that we are here to work towards human unity, not to show off our wealth or status. Let us unroach these houses and live with integrity, simplicity, and sustainability.

Uncroach The Commons

“Uncroach Auroville” is a call to action for Aurovilians to protect and preserve the common spaces and resources of Auroville. The commons include forests, lakes, and public spaces that are meant for the use and enjoyment of all residents. It is important to ensure that these areas are not encroached upon or exploited for personal gain. By keeping the commons intact, we can maintain the spirit of community and cooperation that Auroville was founded upon.

Uncroach The Work-spaces

Uncroach the work-spaces in Auroville to ensure that they remain accessible to all and are not taken over by a few individuals or groups. Work-spaces are an essential part of Auroville’s community, as they provide opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration. By uncroaching these spaces, we can ensure that they remain vibrant and accessible, fostering a culture of sharing and cooperation. Let us work together to protect these vital spaces and uphold the values of our community.

Uncroach The Positions

“Uncroach Auroville” is a call for Aurovilians to let go of their attachment to positions of power and hierarchy, and instead focus on serving the community as a whole. It is important to recognize that every person has their unique role and contribution to make, regardless of their position or title. By embracing equality and collaboration, we can create a more harmonious and sustainable community in Auroville.

Uncroach The Dream

Uncroaching the Dream of Auroville requires us to let go of our individual ambitions and work towards the collective goal of human unity. It involves creating a community that is free from the clutches of ego and self-interest, and where everyone is committed to serving the higher purpose of Auroville. By working together and being mindful of our actions, we can make Auroville a shining example of what is possible when people come together in the spirit of unity and cooperation.

Uncroach The Rights

Auroville is a unique community where individuals come together to work towards the common goal of human unity. It is a place to not claim rights but to only claim responsibilities, for being a willing servitor is paramount. The concept of “Uncroach Auroville” emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility and not allowing personal interests to infringe on the greater good. By uncroaching the rights, Aurovilians can ensure that they are fulfilling their role in manifesting the Mother’s vision for Auroville.

Uncroach The Resources

Auroville is committed to using resources wisely, for the collective good. The community needs to ensure that resources are not misused or monopolized by any individual or group. It is important to have transparency and accountability in managing resources. We need to identify and address any imbalances or misuse of resources, in order to ensure a sustainable and equitable future for Auroville. Let’s work together to unroach the resources and use them for the highest good of all.

Spread AWAREness!

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