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As with any popular and unique community, Auroville has been the subject of various rumors and fake news. There are various facts and fake news stories that have circulated about Auroville. 

Basic Facts:

  • Auroville was founded in 1968 as an experimental township in India, with the aim of promoting sustainable living, human unity, cultural diversity, and spiritual growth.
  • Auroville is home to over 2,500 residents from over 50 countries, who live and work together in various projects and activities.
  • The community is managed by the Auroville Foundation, which is a statutory body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India.
  • Auroville has a unique governance structure, with various councils, groups, and committees that ensure community participation and decision-making.

Fake news:

  • Auroville is a cult that brainwashes its residents and controls their lives.
  • Auroville is a hippie commune where people engage in drug use and free love.
  • Auroville is a place where people can live for free and not work.
  • Auroville is a utopia where everything is perfect and there are no problems.

These fake news stories are not true and are based on misconceptions and rumors. Auroville is a real community that has its share of challenges and successes, like any other community. It is important to seek out accurate and reliable information about Auroville to avoid spreading false rumors and misinformation.

Auroville is a cult:

This is a common false claim made by those who do not understand the community’s values and principles. Auroville is a self-governing township, and residents come from all over the world with diverse cultural, religious, and ideological backgrounds.

Auroville is a hippie commune:

While Auroville was founded in the 1960s, during the height of the counterculture movement, it is not a hippie commune. The community is focused on sustainable living and spiritual growth, and residents participate in a wide range of activities and projects.

Auroville is not a place for drug use and free love:

This is another common misconception about the community. Auroville has strict rules and regulations about drug use and has a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal activities. The community is focused on personal and spiritual development, not hedonistic pursuits.

Auroville is not a utopia:


While Auroville is a unique and inspiring community, it is not a perfect place. Like any other community, it has its share of challenges and problems, and residents work hard to address these issues through open communication and collaboration.

Auroville is not a place of constant conflict:

While conflicts can arise in any community, Auroville residents are committed to finding peaceful and constructive solutions to any disagreements. The community has a robust system of governance and decision-making, and residents are encouraged to participate in the process.

Auroville is not a forest or ecovillage

Auroville is a unique community located in Tamil Nadu, India. It was founded in 1968 with the purpose of creating a universal town where people from all over the world could come and live in harmony, regardless of nationality, race, or religion. While Auroville has a strong focus on sustainability and environmentalism, it is not strictly speaking a forest or an ecovillage.

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