Aurovillage, Ep.3

It’s really interesting how most people in Auroville seem to define “human unity” as “unity with those that agree with me”.For decades, the people who want to live in Mother’s City have accepted that their wish was blocked, time after time after time. They understood that it needed to be like that, because, well, that’s yoga: accepting that outer circumstances are beyond our control, and that we simply do whatever work we are given as a means for inner growth.For decades, the people who blocked and got it their way 100% of the time were allowed to play their games, thereby giving these same people the impression that all was so utterly peaceful and nice and “together”and “united” in the immensely divided Aurovillage.

Now that, very predictably and logically (given our actions in the past), the outer circumstances, outside of our control, suddenly put a blockage in front of the people who have made a life out of blocking stuff, what is the reaction?: all hell is released upon the people who wish to live in Mother’s City.

Suddenly they are Asuras, worshippers of the Darkness, the devil personified, evil beings and everything nasty this universe has ever produced…

A tiny little interest in how cults function and cult members behave would teach us so much…”

The first casualty of war is the truth”. Yes. And since this war was started decades ago, the truth was killed here at that time already.

The very LAST casualty of this war will be the cult delusion narrative, that tiny bubble that is the life force of so many here, created during the killing of the truth.

Many will keep feeding it until their last breath, in spite of all the facts and realities.

I always could and still can hug everyone here in Auroville if they want to. Totally regardless of whatever insane beliefs they hold.

Because under all that superficial insanity is a human being, with whom I am united.

Aurovillage, Ep.2

Over many decades, a false cult narrative has been created in Auroville, by people who materially benefited from Auroville, to justify the fact that what has been happening here since 45 years is almost the opposite of what the intention was.

Many people who also want a piece of that cake bought into the narrative, and it has been the main reason to come and live here for many. Over the decades it became the official doctrine that needs to be adhered to if one wants a comfortable life in Auroville.

The people who have denounced this narrative and pierced it with facts have always been vilified, for obvious reasons. It is now a religious “war”, a fight to keep the cult and its illusion propaganda alive and accepted as reality, even more by the people OUTSIDE of Auroville, as the cult leaders get most of their power from the image of Auroville they are able to project and sell in the West.

Aurovillage, Ep.1

The only thing that is happening in the City at the Service of Truth, is the piercing of the 45-year old cult illusion bubble.

For most of us, 45 years is the better part of our lives. For those born here, it’s their whole life. For those who came to live here recently, it’s the most important belief system they bought into so far, as it is needed to buy into this cult narrative if one wants to live here comfortably.

Whether it will be replaced by another doctrine needs to be seen, but obviously, members being forced out of their cult will always fiercely resist, no matter how many facts they get presented.

At the moment, in the whole world, we witness the total erosion of meaning and definitions of words.

“Facts” are no longer verifiable, provable, objective events that can be brought or adjusted by anyone who presents proof, no, they are now simple claims, “proven” only by the fact that many people or a majority “believes” them, or by the fact that they are told to us by “experts”. These mere claims are very aggressively and emotionally defended by the believers, labelling and slandering anyone who does not blindly follow suit.

That same thing is happening here: no logic, no rationality, no factuality, ONLY emotional reactions, claims, vilification, outcry, outrage, screaming and kicking.

You can see it in every post on this topic.

If you are still able to see, that is, because any cult indoctrination will always target and erode the capacity to see independently, to think critically, to be an individual observer of actual events. We are trained to be blind regurgitators of the narratives fed to us. And if all around us do it, we think we’re doing the right thing by going along…