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ROGER ANGER : 100 Years

Mother's Architect

In 1965, the Mother invited Roger Anger to prepare the town plan for Auroville. She worked with him through several attempts and several models until she was satisfied that Roger had captured her vision with the iconic Galaxy plan, that we are still discovering. Far from being an outdated plan, the Galaxy has revealed itself to be a forerunner of the urbanism of the future with its ability to integrate life in all parts, the human being, and a growing Consciousness.

His centenary dovetails perfectly with Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary and India’s 75th year of independence, with his seminal contribution towards a conscious urbanism that will stand out for all time, both for Auroville and India, but also for the world.

Roger Anger was a French architect who played a significant role in the design and development of Auroville, an experimental township in southern India. Anger was a follower of the spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo, who inspired the creation of Auroville as a model of sustainable living and human unity.

In the early 1960s, Anger was invited by the founders of Auroville to design the community’s urban plan and infrastructure. He worked closely with the community to develop a master plan that reflected Auroville’s values of sustainability, cultural diversity, and spiritual growth.

Anger’s design for Auroville emphasized the use of natural materials and techniques, such as rammed earth construction, to minimize the community’s impact on the environment. He also incorporated elements of Indian and European architecture to create a unique aesthetic that reflected Auroville’s multicultural character.

In addition to his work on Auroville, Anger was known for his innovative designs for public buildings and urban spaces in France and around the world. He was a pioneer in the use of precast concrete and other modern materials, and his work is characterized by a focus on light, space, and form.

Anger passed away in 2008, but his legacy lives on in the unique and inspiring community of Auroville, which continues to grow and evolve according to his original vision.

ROGER ANGER : 100 Years

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