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Auroville belongs to Nobody in Particular - ABtNiP

Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. The Auroville Charter clearly states that. However, a few do not respect this requisite, and act like defacto owners of the assets, in their control. While Auroville is intended to be a model for sustainable living and human unity, it is not without its challenges. The community has struggled with issues such as financial sustainability, cultural differences, and maintaining the balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility. However, many people still see Auroville as a beacon of hope and a model for a more peaceful and sustainable future.

The phrase “Auroville belongs to Nobody in Particular” is one of its guiding principles, which means that Auroville is not owned or controlled by any individual or group, and is meant to be a place of universal brotherhood and spiritual aspiration. This principle emphasizes the importance of collective decision-making and shared responsibility in Auroville’s governance and management, rather than being controlled by any individual. We need to promote a sense of community ownership and responsibility, where every individual is encouraged to take part in the development and growth of the community. It also highlights the principle of equality, where no one individual or group has more power or control over the community than anyone else.

Respect stewardship, don't become owners

Stewardship is a principle that is promoted by the Auroville community as a way to encourage responsible and sustainable use of resources. The community was founded on the idea of creating a sustainable and harmonious way of living, and this principle reflects that philosophy. In Auroville, it is crucial to respect the principle of “Auroville belongs to Nobody in Particular” and understand that nobody should act as a sole owner or controller of the community’s assets. Instead, individuals should act as responsible stewards, working towards the sustainable development and growth of the community as a whole. By promoting a sense of collective ownership and responsibility, we can ensure that Auroville remains a model for universal brotherhood and spiritual aspiration.

De-fence the boundaries, build bridges

In Auroville, it’s important to strike a balance between respecting boundaries and building bridges. While it’s necessary to have certain boundaries and limitations in place, it’s equally important to remove fences that prevent communication and collaboration. By building bridges, we can connect with one another, learn from each other’s experiences, and work together to achieve common goals. It’s only through mutual respect and cooperation that we can create a thriving and sustainable community in Auroville.

Claim responsibilities, not rights

In Auroville, the emphasis is on claiming responsibilities rather than rights. This means that individuals are encouraged to focus on their role and contribution to the community, rather than their personal desires and wants. Auroville believes that by aligning with our inner being and purpose, we will be provided with the exact means necessary for our action and progress. This principle emphasizes the importance of collective responsibility and shared ownership, and encourages individuals to prioritize the needs of the community over their individual desires.

Farms are to produce for the collective, not possess for self

In Auroville, farms are not meant to be personal possessions but rather a collective effort to produce food for the community. The emphasis is on creating sustainable and organic farming practices that benefit the entire community. Auroville encourages individuals to work together to create a self-sufficient community, where everyone is responsible for contributing to the greater good. This principle of collective ownership helps to create a sense of unity and encourages cooperation among the members of the community.

Forest as an excuse to occupy, no more

In Auroville, forests are an integral part of the natural environment, and they provide important ecological and social benefits to the community. However, there have been instances where individuals or groups have used the pretext of managing or protecting forests to occupy land and assert control over it. This goes against the principles of collective ownership and responsibility, and undermines the community’s efforts towards sustainability and harmony with nature. Forests in Auroville should be respected and managed for the benefit of the collective, not as an excuse for personal possession or control.

Aurovilians are willing servitors, not citizens

The concept of being a “willing servitor” is a fundamental aspect of the Aurovilian way of life. It emphasizes the importance of service and selflessness in creating a harmonious and sustainable community. Aurovilians are not considered citizens, but rather individuals who have chosen to serve the collective ideal of Auroville. This mindset encourages individuals to prioritize the needs of the community over their personal desires and aspirations, and to work towards the greater good of all. In this way, Auroville remains a place of universal brotherhood and spiritual aspiration.

Resources belong to nobody in particular

In keeping with the Auroville Charter’s principle that “Auroville belongs to nobody in particular,” the community’s resources are also intended to be shared by all. This means that natural resources, such as water and land, are not owned by any individual or group, but rather belong to the community as a whole. The community strives to manage these resources in a sustainable and equitable manner, with the goal of providing for the needs of all while minimizing waste and protecting the environment. In this way, Auroville serves as a model for responsible and equitable resource management.

Open Source for Everything - Copyleft Community

The concept of open-source is an important aspect of the Aurovilian way of life. It emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge, resources, and technology for the greater good of all. Auroville encourages a copyleft community, where intellectual property is not privately owned, but rather shared and freely available to all. This approach fosters innovation and collaboration, and allows for the development of sustainable solutions that benefit the community as a whole. The open-source approach also aligns with Auroville’s principle of universal brotherhood and the aspiration towards a more equitable and just world.

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