A larger perspective

Dear Friends

We are all focused on the events taking place right now.

But they are all part of a much larger perspective. It seems to be a conflict  between two different groups in Auroville, but this has been a conflict going on for many years, and nobody has taken any new action. The action comes from the new Governing Board and the Secretary,

I would really want all fellow aurovilians to read very carefully two documents:

The Foundation Act (ready available on Auronet under References)

Last Minutes of The new Governing Board first meeting (posted on Auronet by Working Committee)

The Foundation act is a very precise document stating the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders. Everything in Auroville belongs to the Foundation and all structures and decisions are under the acceptance of Foundation?governing Board and Secretary. Our Residence Assembly as well as Working Committe basically only have an advisory function. The final say and control is with Governing Board and Secretary.

I think a lot of Aurovilians are under an illusion that Auroville is a kind of Independent “state” within India with full autonomy. It i for sure not the reality. Our self-governance is given to us from Governing Board and Government of India, on a purely trust basis, and can anytime be revoked.

As a foreigner living in Auroville, I am very grateful for India to allow this International Township to exist. I dont think any other nation would allow it, for sure not my own country, Denmark. And I also fully understand that the condition is not autonomy, but a self-governance given in kind and trust.

So before any aurovilian think about fightning the decisions of Governing Board and Secretary, they should first read the Foundation Act, and plaease also read the minutes of last Governing Board Meeting.

The governing Board meeting is a very clear, surgical analysis, of all problems in Auroville, divided into sectors. And with clear proposals and decision what the Governing Board intends to do. The Crown road is a very small part of this – I repeat a very small part of this!

I will ask you to think back few years. The previous Governing Board, trying to solve the growning problems of Aurovilles dysfunctionality and stagnation. We had our large Retreat, which was a beautiful process ( And I would again like to thank Aroma Revi for his large effort) which brough us all closer, but after the process all was blocked and energy disappeared. 

Meanwhile we had all our bad press with allegations of corruption and misuse of power in Auroville, whis ended up as a serious case in Ministry of Human Ressources, where Auroville is under. So when same ministry had to appoint a full new Governing Board as well as secreatary, I am sure that they were asked to look very carefully into Auroville and its affairs.

So is any of us was appointed to these jobs, we would first, really carefully, read the Foundation acts as well as all the files, including all the Governing Board Meeting notes, which clearly describes the growing dysfunctionality of Auroville. The Foundation act clearly outlines the responsibility of The Governing Board, its members, as well as the Secretary. Besides to keep everything in order and legally correct ( which is another challenge), it is to implement the Master Plan. The new Governing Board members as well as new Secretary of course take their job seriously, so the minutes from forst board meeting, can notb really be a surprise to anyone. And action will of course come accordingly. And Crown road is still just a very small part of this.

Our previous Chairman, Karan Singh, had given us a very long line, adding to the “belief” that we had kind of autonomy. But I ask all to read his message to Auroville, just published, saying that all aurovilians should consider carefully the actions in the last decade, and be aware of the Hammer of God!

So to all my fellow aurovilians, please be fully aware of our situation and options. Fighting agains Governing Board or Secretary will be a futile action, Trying to recall members of working groups or damaging our internal structures, will be just pure self damage. Collaboration is the only way forward – the only way!

In the end we have to come to an acceptance that The Governing Board as well as The Secretary is also OUR Governing Board and OUR Secretary. I know it sound difficult in times of conflict, but it is the only way forward. Each of us can not move much, but together we can!

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