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Campaigns related to multiple aspects of Auroville

Auroville is a unique community that emphasizes the importance of community development and the power of collective action. The community has organized several campaigns to promote community development and to encourage people to get involved in community-building activities.

 Auroville is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. The community celebrates this diversity by organizing cultural events and campaigns that promote intercultural understanding and respect.

G20 & Auroville

Visit in Auroville, Auroville in Visit.

The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. It plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues.

Auroville aspires to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. 

Auroville was inaugurated in 1968, and residents from 55 nations call Auroville their home. Auroville functions under the aegis of the Auroville Foundation, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Auroville has also been recognized by UNESCO, through its 5 resolutions, in the last 55 years.

Uncroach Auroville

Don’t Encroach Auroville

In Auroville, multiple elements of our community have appropriated and encroached Auroville Assets. A few long-term unscrupulous elements of Auroville have long-held the Auroville Assets, and are claiming ownership rights, which were entrusted to them for stewardship.

The encroachers take cover of various emotional and environmental factors to continue their occupation, using hired local women, for the purposes of propaganda and media sensation. The encroachers have stooped so low, that they are now relying on lies, deceit, and falsehoods.

We need to awaken ourselves to see through this drama, and put Auroville back on track, as imagined by the Mother. Unroach is an initiative of AWARE Auroville, run by the residents of Auroville, to ensure the encroachments are undone and the Galaxy Plan is manifested.


Don’t act out of Fear. Think Positive.

Various types of fear have seeped into our collective lives in Auroville. This is unfortunate and undesirable for the City of the Future. In particular, we need to develop our quality of Courage to trump our fears, to boldly spring forwards and willingly serve the Divine Consciousness.

Aware’s campaign to turn Auroville ‘Fear-Free’ is an attempt in that direction. Through this campaign, we’ll try to look into all our fears, address the challenges and accept the realities. And, move forward. Without fear.

All the prevalent activism movements in Auroville, arise from the foundation of fears. If we can address the root cause of our insecurities, perhaps, we can live peacefully in our world of prosperity, goodness, generosity, and gratitude.

The narratives of Police violence, Vindictive visas, Paid goons, JCB at night, Moving down forests, non-recognision of RA, BJP takeover, Drama of deportation, Violation of NGT, etc. are all multiple manifestations of fear.

AWARE wants to steer the narrative towards positivity, possibility, and prosperity.


150 years with Sri Aurobindo

Over the years, Sri Aurobindo has touched millions of lives across the world, through His words and ideas. Many are looking forward to come together and offer a year-long tribute to Sri Aurobindo as a means to celebrate the Seer.

Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary will be commemorated through a celebration of His life’s work, vision, philosophy and creative force for their relevance for the people of India and the world, and in the life and realization of Auroville.

The 150th year carries a special significance for India, celebrating her 75th year of Independence.

The 150th anniversary is not simply a moment in time to remember Sri Aurobindo. It is a celebration that provides a platform to share Sri Aurobindo’s vision for the future.


Auroville belongs to Nobody in Particular

Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. The Auroville Charter clearly states that. However, a few do not respect this requisite, and act like defacto owners of the assets, in their control. While Auroville is intended to be a model for sustainable living and human unity, it is not without its challenges. The community has struggled with issues such as financial sustainability, cultural differences, and maintaining the balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility. However, many people still see Auroville as a beacon of hope and a model for a more peaceful and sustainable future.

The phrase “Auroville belongs to Nobody in Particular” is one of its guiding principles, which means that Auroville is not owned or controlled by any individual or group, and is meant to be a place of universal brotherhood and spiritual aspiration. This principle emphasizes the importance of collective decision-making and shared responsibility in Auroville’s governance and management, rather than being controlled by any individual. We need to promote a sense of community ownership and responsibility, where every individual is encouraged to take part in the development and growth of the community. It also highlights the principle of equality, where no one individual or group has more power or control over the community than anyone else.

Abuse-less Auroville

kNOw Abuse in Auroville

In Auroville, we are all aware of general incidents and movements related to different kinds of Abuse, and we seldom bring it to our public discourse. Aware’s “kNOw Abuse in Auroville” initiative is meant to proactively look at the perils amidst us and discuss about safeguarding ourselves against them. It is important to note that like any other community, Auroville is not immune to instances of abuse or violence. Auroville has various policies and procedures in place to address and prevent abuse, and there are a few dedicated individuals within the community who work towards promoting awareness and preventing abuse.

It is essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals within the community, and anyone who experiences or witnesses abuse should report it to the appropriate authorities or organizations. It is also important to have open and honest communication about issues related to abuse and to work towards creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone in the community.

We need to ‘know’ about abuse, to even take steps towards ‘no’ abuse in Auroville. 


Roger Anger @ 100

In 1965, the Mother invited Roger Anger to prepare the town plan for Auroville. She worked with 

him through several attempts and several models until she was satisfied that Roger had captured her vision with the iconic Galaxy plan, that we are still discovering. Far from being an outdated plan, the Galaxy has revealed itself to be a forerunner of the urbanism of the future with its ability to integrate life in all parts, the human being, and a growing Consciousness.

His centenary dovetails perfectly with Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary and India’s 75th year of independence, with his seminal contribution towards a conscious urbanism that will stand out for all time, both for Auroville and India, but also for the world.

External Media


As with any popular and unique community, Auroville has been the subject of various rumors and fake news. There are various facts and fake news stories that have circulated about Auroville. 

Basic Facts:

  • Auroville was founded in 1968 as an experimental township in India, with the aim of promoting sustainable living, human unity, cultural diversity, and spiritual growth.
  • Auroville is home to over 2,500 residents from over 50 countries, who live and work together in various projects and activities.
  • The community is managed by the Auroville Foundation, which is a statutory body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India.
  • Auroville has a unique governance structure, with various councils, groups, and committees that ensure community participation and decision-making.

Fake news:

  • Auroville is a cult that brainwashes its residents and controls their lives.
  • Auroville is a hippie commune where people engage in drug use and free love.
  • Auroville is a place where people can live for free and not work.
  • Auroville is a utopia where everything is perfect and there are no problems.

These fake news stories are not true and are based on misconceptions and rumors. Auroville is a real community that has its share of challenges and successes, like any other community. It is important to seek out accurate and reliable information about Auroville to avoid spreading false rumors and misinformation.


Auroville Demystified

Auroville demystified as a campaign has been conceptualized to briefly explain various aspects of Auroville. We all are aware that there’s a huge influx of visitors to Auroville, and in recent years, if anything, the trend is only going upwards. When we think about visitors, usually we imagine the tourists who physically visit Auroville. But, it’s only a fraction of the people who are interested in Auroville. There’s a substantial number of people who’re online visitors. And, generally, the preference for content consumption is video-based. The ever-increasing popularity of Auroville-based travelogues is clearly indicating that there’s a huge appetite for information, and the tranveling vloggers are happily serving them. The recent popularity of the NasDaily episode on Auroville also stands as testimony to it. On the downside to this reality, some of the published materials are not well-researched, created in haste, and sometimes in bad taste. Many misconceptions about Auroville get perpetuated in this process. Moreover, we discovered, even if someone wanted to do a bit of research and know Auroville’s side of the story, there’s none available in video format. The idea of this campaign is to set the record straight, present the facts and let the visitors discern themselves responsibly. 

Stand for Human Unity

Decolonise Auroville

As a community that aims to be inclusive and diverse, Auroville has recognized the need to decolonize and address the legacy of colonialism within its own structures and practices.

There are several reasons why decolonizing Auroville is important. Firstly, Auroville was founded by people from various parts of the world, and it is important to acknowledge that some of them may have brought with them colonial attitudes and biases. Decolonization can help to identify and address these attitudes, and promote a more inclusive and equitable community.

Secondly, Auroville is located in India, a country with a complex history of colonization and decolonization. Auroville’s location and relationship with the local community is important, and decolonizing Auroville can help to create a more respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with the surrounding communities.

Thirdly, Auroville has its own unique culture, and decolonizing can help to promote a more diverse and inclusive community culture. This can include re-evaluating language, education, and cultural practices to ensure that they are not based on colonial biases or perpetuating colonial legacies.

Overall, decolonizing Auroville is important to create a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable community that respects and acknowledges the complex history and diversity of the region.

Conscious Auroville

0% Corruption 100% Connection

0% Corruption in Auroville means that any kind of corrupt behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated within the community. It means that all members of the community, including leaders, officials, and members, are held accountable for their actions and must adhere to high ethical standards.

100% Connection – Auroville is a community dedicated to the ideals of human unity, spiritual growth, and sustainable living. Its members strive to create a society free from the traditional constraints of nationality, politics, religion, and economics. Therefore, any action or initiative taken by the community should be rooted in these ideals. Any action taken by Auroville should be aligned with its ideals of human unity, spiritual growth, and sustainable living. Creating a corruption-free and decolonized community is essential to upholding these ideals and creating a society that reflects the principles of human unity and diversity.

To achieve zero tolerance for corruption in Auroville, some steps can be taken towards Transparency and Accountability, Education and Awareness, Whistleblower Protection, Fair and Transparent Recruitment Processes, Ethical Leadership, Investigation and Disciplinary Action, etc.

Zero tolerance for corruption in Auroville requires a holistic approach that includes prevention and promoting connection to the right ideals. By implementing these measures, Auroville can maintain its integrity and commitment to human unity and diversity.

Stand for Human Unity

STOP Converting Auroville

Auroville was founded with the aim of promoting human unity, cultural diversity, and sustainable living. The community has been working towards this goal since its inception and has developed a unique identity that is characterized by its commitment to environmental conservation, artistic expression, and spiritual growth.

It is important to note that the development and management of Auroville is an ongoing process that requires collaboration and consensus-building among all stakeholders. The community is committed to ensuring that any changes or developments in Auroville are in line with the original vision of the township and are guided by principles of ecological sustainability, cultural diversity, and social justice.

If you have concerns about any proposed changes or developments in Auroville, it is important to express your concerns in a constructive and respectful manner. You can participate in community meetings, engage with the Auroville Board and other relevant stakeholders, and propose alternative solutions that are consistent with the original vision of the township.

It is important to remember that Auroville is a dynamic and evolving community, and that its development is guided by the collective aspirations and efforts of its residents. As such, any changes or developments in Auroville should be viewed as opportunities for growth and innovation, rather than as threats to the community’s identity or vision.

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